Amenities include 26 sound speakers, three 3D TVs, mirrored ceilings and a Sub-Zero refrigerator

By Stephen M. Silverman
November 06, 2011 09:30 AM

The entire Osbourne family could live comfortably in Simon Cowell‘s dressing room for The X Factor, which is actually a mobile home on the lot of CBS’s Television City in Hollywood.

This isn’t some old utility trailer, either, but a 40-ton, two-story, 1,100-sq.-ft. indoor playground that also doubles as an office for the hypercritical Cowell.

Of its far-from-understated décor, Cowell, 52, tells the Hollywood Reporter: “It’s like Pimp My Trailer.”

His words.

Amenities include 26 sound speakers, three 60-plus-in. 3D TVs, mirrored ceilings, a Sub-Zero refrigerator and fresh flowers that are changed once a week.

Only once a week?

Simon Cowell's trailer on the set of The X Factor