Simon Cowell Wanted to 'Jump Off a Cliff' When Zayn Malik Left One Direction (VIDEO)

Cowell said he knew Malik's departure was coming, based on conversations between the two

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One Directioners of the world: How are you?

It’s been a little while since Zayn Malik left everyone’s favorite post-aughts boy band. Has the pain lessened at all? No? Well, you’re not alone.

Simon Cowell visited The Late Late Show Thursday, and explained to James Corden that he felt like he was “about to jump off a cliff” when he found out Malik was leaving the group that he helped put together. Same, Simon. Same.

“I kind of knew this was coming,” Cowell elaborated, saying he’d had “a few conversations” with Malik about how unhappy he was getting with group. But he added that the band soldiered on and played a great show after they found out and says their new record will be “the best they’ve ever made.”

Michael Douglas, also a guest on the show, then attempted to stir the pot after Cowell finished, claiming that “his sources” informed him that the story of Malik’s departure was more complicated than Cowell says. Careful, Michael: You do not want to rattle the One Direction fan base.

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