Brandon revealed during last year's Siesta Key cast reunion in August that he cheated on now-ex girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo and had a child with another woman

Siesta Key's Brandon Gomes is ready to step up in his life, especially when it comes to raising his son, Quincy. 

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming season, Brandon makes small talk with Delainey — the mother of his baby boy — before she begins raving about how much progress he's made as a father.  

"I'm proud of how far you've come in Quincy's life," Delainey says. "I taught you how to change his diaper, kind of giving him a bottle a little bit."

Brandon, for his part, notes that he's "super new" to parenting. "I wasn't there for the whole pregnancy, the first couple of months he was alive," he continues. "I don't want you to take my [being] new to this as I'm not prioritizing it or I'm uncomfortable. I'm just new and I'm trying to bond with him."

Delainey chimes in to add, "I think you stepping up and seeing [our son] is really important."  She then smiles from ear to ear as Brandon picks up their son and plants a kiss on the little guy's forehead.

Shifting gears, Brandon starts talking about his past wrongdoings as he notes how he "lied a lot" to both Delainey and his ex, Camilla Cattaneo.

"I, like, want to be bigger than that," he shares. "At the end, there's a sensitive conversation that I still just want to talk to you about because we are now parents."

Delainey, in turn, points out that Brandon was in an "unhealthy" and "toxic relationship" but the reality star suggests that he was the reason for it being rocky. That being said, Brandon wants Delainey to feel comfortable having honest conversations with him.

Credit: mtv reality/ youtube

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"I love having conversations with you," she says, noting that they can "talk about anything" because they're "friends for life now."

Brandon revealed during last year's Siesta Key cast reunion in August that he cheated on now-ex girlfriend Camilla, and had a child with another woman. He then introduced fans to his son, Quincy, via Instagram.

Shortly after posting the first photo of his son, Brandon apologized to Camilla for being "selfish" and said that he wished he "could go back and do everything different."

"I feel terrible about the man I've been but I don't want you to go on without knowing how important you are to me & how sorry I am for my actions," he continued to write in a now-deleted Instagram post, per The Sun. "I've made some bad decisions but moving forward I want to be the best man I know I can be & I'm always here and will forever hold it down for you my luv ❤️ Wish these words mean something to you and ease your mind in any way at all."

Camilla Cattaneo/Brandon Gomes
Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes
| Credit: Camilla Cattaneo/instagram; Brandon Gomes/instagram

During an appearance on The Gay & The Girl podcast in September 2020, Camilla said that her relationship with Brandon was "rocky" even before she found out that he fathered a child. "I just went on the floor. I had a panic attack. I didn't even know what was happening," she said of learning about the baby news. "I was just like, 'What? You're kidding. Is this fake? Are you pranking me?' And it wasn't, obviously. I just blocked him on everything."

In PEOPLE's exclusive first look at Siesta Key's season 4 trailer last month, Brandon acknowledges the weight of his mistakes with Camilla as he settles into life as a young dad. "I'm in the process of fixing things," he says while holding his son.

Brandon is also shown struggling to win back Camilla, who is seen in another scene appearing to be upset. 

Siesta Key returns May 12 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.