The MTV star also opened up about their 20-year age gap on Tuesday night's reunion

Tuesday night's first-ever Siesta Key reunion was full of surprises.

Not only did Brandon Gomes announce to his costars that he has a child, but Gomes' ex Madisson Hausburg also had some news of her own. The big reveal? She's engaged to Ismael "Ish" Soto, a former producer of the MTV reality show.

"I have never felt as safe and as loved as I do when I'm with Ish," she tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. "He reminds me every single day how special I am and he makes me want to be the best possible version of myself. Our love story is anything but traditional, but it's OUR love story, and I can't wait to see how it plays out. I'm on such a high! I still can't believe it...I've found my forever."

The couple's relationship has been a focal point this season, with Madisson, 26, initially forced to defend their 20-year age gap to friends and family. But her loved ones eventually warmed up to the relationship, and during Tuesday night's season finale, her dad gave them his blessing to move to Los Angeles and buy a home together.

Madisson Hausburg, Ish Soto
Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto
| Credit: MTV

During the virtual reunion, Ish, 46, made a surprise cameo from Canada, where he's currently working on another show. Host Jeannie Mai asked the two for an update on their relationship.

"You were very adamant that you wanted to settle down with Ish and start a family," Mai said. "Are you any closer to your dream life?"

"Ish, are we any closer?" Madisson teased with a smile.

"I don't know, why don't you show them?" Ish said.

The reality star and aspiring actress then held up her hand to show off her diamond engagement ring as the rest of the cast began cheering. The proposal, Madisson revealed, unfolded during the couple's first day in their new home.

"So we bought our house, and then it was the first day that we spent in our house together," she recalled. "I was like, taking a selfie or something, and I turn around and he's on one knee. It was perfect."

As for any judgment they face for their age difference?

"I think that when you find someone you love, you go through those hurdles and you don't let them break you up," Madisson said. "The hardest part rewatching the season was no one got to see us happy. Everyone just got to see us struggling."

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She echoed the sentiment during an appearance on PeopleTV's Reality Check earlier this month.

"I will say the biggest misconception about our relationship is that we're always on the rocks," she said. "The only part that you guys get to see is when we're discussing these big life decisions, and that is a big part of our relationship, but we're also, for the most part, very happy."

"I think it's already kind of out there, but I am in L.A. now, and we have bought a house a together and it's great," she added. "I'm not alone, because I do have two of my three sisters out here with me. So it's nice. I was able to convince my family to join me, so this really does feel more like home base to me now."

The couple has been together for about two years, going public last New Year's Eve on Instagram.

The relationship reveal unfolded at the start of season 3, which premiered in January. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the time, Madisson opened up about having cameras rolling as she introduced Ish to her father.

"That was really hard," she said of the tense scene. "It's obviously a hard conversation to have anyways, and I have to give the show credit and production credit that it was all caught very organically on camera, and I have to give Ish props for coming into this situation because he easily could have said no."

"I have agreed to do this on camera and I have agreed to be truthful about my life," she added. "And he wants to be with me and so he said, 'All right, if, whatever you want to do, I'm all in.'"