Chloe isn't planning on letting Kelsey get away with cheating on her long-distance boyfriend

Tensions are running high between frenemies Chloe and Kelsey.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday’s episode of Siesta Key, the two find themselves in a nasty fight after Chloe accuses Kelsey of cheating on her long-distance boyfriend with local newbie Jared.

“Jared kissed me, I did not kiss him,” Kelsey says.

“You have a boyfriend!” Chloe shoots back. “You know Jared is a single, you know he’s a huge flirt, and so are you, quite honestly. So don’t go to the beach in the middle of the night with a boy.”

While Kelsey maintains that she walked away after Jared kissed her, Chloe doesn’t believe a word of it.

“You are the queen of not owning up to anything!” she says.

Chloe and Kelsey
| Credit: MTV (2)

Kelsey then accuses Chloe of being a bad friend.

“You are literally in everyone’s business and you need to stop or else you’re going to lose all of your friends,” she says. “You’re so miserable with your life. You’re in love with Alex. You’ve done so much in the past!”

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But Chloe isn’t about to let Kelsey get the last word.

“Let’s not forget what you did last summer, honey,” she says. “You’ve hooked up with Alex yourself. You’re a complete hypocrite!”

Siesta Key airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.