''Siesta Key' '' s'' Camilla Was Pregnant with Brandon's Baby While He Was Expecting with Another Woman

Last year, Brandon Gomes revealed that he cheated on Camilla Cattaneo and fathered a child

Siesta Key's Camilla Cattaneo is opening up about a difficult moment from her past relationship with Brandon Gomes.

During Wednesday night's episode of the hit MTV show, Camilla revealed that she had been pregnant with Brandon's baby — at the same time he was also secretly expecting a child with another woman.

"I was pregnant with Brandon's kid in February [2020]," she told friends Juliette Porter and Amanda Miller while holding back tears. "We went together to the doctor and everything, and I had an ectopic pregnancy."

An ectopic pregnancy, also called extrauterine pregnancy, is when a fertilized egg grows outside a woman's uterus, usually in a fallopian tube. It is "a life-threatening condition" and "is not a pregnancy that can be carried to term (till birth) and can be dangerous for the mother if not treated right away," according to Cleveland Clinic.

Camilla Cattaneo/Brandon Gomes
Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes. Camilla Cattaneo/instagram; Brandon Gomes/instagram

"I was at the hospital, it was the first time I'd ever had surgery, by myself all day," said Camilla. "Brandon was waiting for me outside, took care of me, and we grew close through that."

During last year's Siesta Key reunion, Brandon revealed that he cheated on Camilla and fathered a child. He said the other woman, named Delainey, initially tried to reach out to him when she found out she was pregnant but that he blocked her. It wasn't until after the baby was born that he acknowledged he was the father and told Camilla.

"I know it was a blessing in disguise because he had another kid, but when I think about it, I'm pregnant, going to the emergency room for surgery, while this girl is about to have his kid," Camilla said during Wednesday's episode. "I have no idea but he knows in the back of his head, clearly, that she is pregnant."

"He could have had both of us pregnant — I mean, he did actually, he had both of us pregnant," she added. "I'm fine now, but that's why I'm more hurt."

Brandon introduced fans to his son, Quincy, on Instagram last year. Shortly after posting the first photo of his son, Brandon apologized to Camilla for being "selfish" and said that he wished he "could go back and do everything different."

"I feel terrible about the man I've been but I don't want you to go on without knowing how important you are to me & how sorry I am for my actions," he continued to write in a now-deleted Instagram post, per The Sun. "I've made some bad decisions but moving forward I want to be the best man I know I can be & I'm always here and will forever hold it down for you my luv ❤️ Wish these words mean something to you and ease your mind in any way at all."

Fans have watched this season as he's begun to bond with his son — all while trying to win Camilla back.

"One day you'll see because I'm going to get her back," Brandon said on Wednesday while warning off one of Camilla's potential new suitors.

But while he talks a big game, Brandon found himself in hot water later in the episode when he was spotted making out with a new girl, leaving Camilla in tears.

"Right in front of me? He's doing it on purpose," said Camilla. "He's emailing me every f------ day."

Siesta Key airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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