Siesta Key's Camilla Cattaneo 'Had a Panic Attack' When She Learned Brandon Gomes Had a Baby

Her boyfriend Brandon Gomes fathered a baby boy this summer after cheating on her

For the first time since the explosive Siesta Key reunion, Camilla Cattaneo is speaking out.

During an appearance on Wednesday's episode of The Gay & The Girl podcast, the reality star opened up about the moment she found out that Brandon Gomes fathered a baby boy this summer after cheating on her.

Cattaneo said things between the two were "rocky" even before she found out. "Something was going on, we both knew," she recalled. "And then this came out."

About a month ago, she was home in Florida when she got a call from him in California.

"I was in the pool or something, and go to my phone and I see five missed calls. And I'm like 'What the heck?'" she said. "Brandon never double calls like that. So already calling him [back] I was nervous, and then that bomb was dropped."

"I just went on the floor. I had a panic attack. I didn't even know what was happening," she continued. "I was just like, 'What? You're kidding. Is this fake? Are you pranking me?' And it wasn't, obviously. I just blocked him on everything."

A couple of days later, they shot the virtual reunion, where a distraught and emotional Gomes, 25, announced the news to the rest of the cast.

"It was horrible," Cattaneo said. "It was so nerve-wrecking. I was like, this is literally the last thing I want to do when I just found this out."

Camilla Cattaneo/Brandon Gomes
Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes. Camilla Cattaneo/instagram; Brandon Gomes/instagram

"The reunion was the first time I saw him face-to-face [over Zoom]," she continued. "I feel like that's why it was so emotional for me, because they also played the clip back from this season of us about to move in. And he's about to tell everyone, the whole world, that he has a kid with someone else. So it was a lot."

As for Gomes and the mother of his child, Cattaneo said the two were never together, and that it was "just a random hookup."

"She sent me screenshots of drunk conversations. ... It seemed like a quick booty call," Cattaneo said. "She doesn't live here."

Though Gomes has since returned to Siesta Key, Cattaneo has refused to see him in person thus far.

"I unblock him sometimes, because you know, I'm trying to see what's up," she said. "He's been leaving stuff on my car, sending stuff to my house. He's trying to show me that he's going to be a better man or whatever. But he knows, I told him, right now, I can't. I'm focusing on me, and you need to focus on being who I thought you were since the beginning. I don't know if the show got to him, his head. It's not an excuse, but who knows."

"He's been just texting me things randomly, but I'm not answering," she continued. "It's like, right now, there's nothing to say. Your actions proved enough. So time will tell what he's going he do. Time will tell. Right now we can't be together, and that's it."

When they do reunite, rest assured that the MTV cameras will be rolling.

"They're [producers] talking to us and stuff, but the problem is corona[virus] — they can't get the filming equipment here," she said. "They wanted to film me and Brandon first talking, because you know, that's like a lot to get on the show. So that's why I'm not seeing him, too. I'm kind of waiting for that — since everyone knows what happened, I want everyone to be involved in exactly what's going on. Like the first time I see him, and everything, you know?"

And despite her own heartbreak, Cattaneo admitted she does empathize with her ex given the situation.

"My friends are like, 'Don't feel for him.' And I'm like, 'How can I not?'" she said. "At the end of the day, this is something that's insane for him. Forever you will have this. It's a life-changer."

Still, "I know he's going to step up" as a dad, she added. "He's a good person."

The two had even discussed kids and their own future during their relationship.

"Oh yeah, of course. We've always talked about stuff like that," she said. "He definitely wishes I was the mother of his kid, obviously. It's just like, that's not how it happens when you cheat."

During the reunion, which aired last week, Gomes told his costars that he found out he had a child with a woman he "hooked up with" 10 months ago — while he was dating Cattaneo. He vowed to "make things right" and be "the best man I possibly can be," but Cattaneo accused him of not "dealing with this situation."

"He tells me, 'I had a one-night stand with this girl, and she's telling me that she has a kid and it's mine,'" she said. "I talked to the girl and she tells me that Brandon knew the whole time that she was pregnant and decided to block her when she said she was keeping the baby."

After the reunion, Gomes introduced his son, named Quincy, to his followers on Instagram. He also dedicated a lengthy apology to Cattaneo in a follow-up post, admitting that what he did was "selfish" and that he wishes he "could go back and do everything different."

During a recent appearance on PeopleTV's Reality Check, Juliette Porter said her costar and friend is "trying to stay positive" — and working to reconcile with Cattaneo.

"He's actually been reaching out to Camilla a lot, trying to get back, sort of, or at least just trying to show her how sorry he is," Porter said. "I hang out with Camilla kind of a lot and she's actually doing great. She was like, 'You know what, I don't need that in my life, I'm going to keep doing me.'"

"After she found out, she flew to Cabo," Porter added. "She was just living her best life, and she actually seems like she's moving on, so I'm happy for her."

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