Shoulder Pads Send Chris Marching on 'Project Runway'

Photo: Photo: Mitch Haaseth/NBC

A costume designer with a sense of humor, Chris March was sent packing after designing a shoulder pad-inspired look that was just too costume-y for the Project Runway judges. It also didn’t help that, as a team leader, he failed to execute a cohesive collection. Still, for many viewers it was the friction on another team – between Victorya and Ricky – that seemed destined to end in an elimination. March called from New York to chat to PEOPLE about leading a losing team and what really happened between Victorya and Ricky. –Brian OrloffDo you regret being the team leader?I now realize in retrospect that in Project Runway history, being the team leader is basically putting your head in the guillotine. But it’s what I do in my professional life. I lead workshops full of , so to me, to be team leader was pretty natural. And neither of them wanted to be team leader – at all – and had no concept of how to be a project leader… I was drafted. I did not volunteer.

How do you rate yourself as a leader?I partly misunderstood my role. Other team leaders took the position more as head designer and guided the collection with more of that idea in mind. I knew each person was going to be judged for their own design and was vulnerable to go home for their own design… I think I did a good job managing the team and all the drama that happened, but that it’s hard with strong personalities.

Speaking of drama, did you notice the tension between Ricky and Victorya?Victorya’s table was right behind mine, so while I was working I looked back there every so often and saw that going on. I didn’t really expect it. And I didn’t see the extent to which it developed until watching the show last night.

Did Victorya’s behavior surprise you?My experience with her up to that point was that she was kind of quiet and kept to herself a lot. When I saw the way she talked to Ricky – and talked back to him – I think that everybody learned something about Victorya. It was surprising that she was less of a team player than thought she would be. She just really undermined Ricky a lot.

Ricky has been in the bottom two for the past few weeks. Do you sympathize with him at all?Ricky was my roommate and when the two of us were left there on the runway, I actually felt really bad for him because I understood why he got there… He was completely stressed out and having difficulty dealing not only with Victorya and her whole tangent but also teaching Elisa how to sew the fabric they had chosen… I didn’t necessarily think it was fair that he ended up in that position because he got so much difficulty from the other on his team. Plus: Check back next Thursday to hear from the next auf’d designer!Photo: Mitch Haaseth/NBC

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