Shay Mitchell celebrated three million YouTube subscribers with an unusual move: She ran naked through Hollywood, California wearing a unicorn mask

By Alexia Fernández
February 09, 2018 11:58 PM

Shay Mitchell celebrated three million YouTube subscribers in a very daring way – she ran near-naked through Hollywood, California, wearing nothing but some underpants and a unicorn mask.

The former Pretty Little Liars star, 30, shared a video of herself running topless down the famous Sunset Boulevard while her friend and assistant, Sammy, recorded it in a video called, “I Ran Naked Through the Streets of LA!”

Before Mitchell took the plunge, she told her fans the video was “all done in good fun,” hoping they would “get a good laugh out of it.”

“I can’t tell you how much this means to me to have you guys coming along since when I first started the channel is was uncharted territories and now it’s just a learning experience every single week,” she said of earning three million followers.

Shay Mitchell
| Credit: Shay Mitchell/Youtube

“While I wasn’t intending on sharing this video with anybody, I thought, ‘Why the heck not?'” says the star, who recently teamed up with restaurateur Jeremy Fall to develop a sandwich called “The Cure” at Highland Park’s Tinfoil Market.

In the video, Sammy enters Mitchell’s home to find her eating popcorn while scrolling through an iPad. Sammy reminds her of the promise Mitchell made when the two were on vacation in Morocco.

“Do you remember in Morocco, on our Shaycation, you were like, ‘I’ll run through the street naked when I hit three million subscribers on YouTube.’ Do you remember that conversation?” Sammy asked the actress.

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“I said I’d do it if I had a mask,” Mitchell said. Sammy then ran to pick up a unicorn mask in a nearby closet, presenting it to her and saying, “This is your unicorn mask. It’s perfect, no one will know who you are, it’s a majestic, beautiful creature. Are you going to do it?”

As Mitchell stands up and takes off her track pants, she says, “A bet’s a bet, a deal is a deal.”

Wearing nothing but yellow underwear reading, “Nice buns,” on the back, she said, “I can’t believe this. Never say that I don’t stick to a deal, all right?”

Shay Mitchell shocking a pedestrian on Sunset Blvd.

Stepping outside of her home, Mitchell put on the mask and began to run down the street as Sammy rushed to follow her from inside of her car.

“This is such a great day,” Sammy was overheard saying as she struggled to keep the camera toward Mitchell who ran past several shocked bystanders.

A black car began honking at Mitchell, causing Sammy to say, “Look at this car! Look at this car! DON’T honk at her like that!”

As Mitchell continued to run down the street, she passed by a shocked girl who can be overheard telling the person on the other end of the phone that a naked woman had just passed her by.

The actress approached Sammy and the car as she began to tire, taking off her mask in the car, sweating and breathing hard.

“A deal is a deal, and I did it,” she said. “Oh my God. Guess what happens when I hit 10 [million followers]?”

Mitchell uploads new videos every week on her YouTube channel.