Osbourne said she felt a twist in her back six weeks ago when she got up from the floor while playing with her granddaughters

By Natalie Stone
March 22, 2017 06:02 PM

Sharon Osbourne is on the mend.

After being out from her post on The Talk to undergo back surgery two weeks ago, she made her return on Wednesday — and was welcomed back with a standing ovation from both her co-hosts and the audience!

Six weeks ago, Osbourne was at home and playing with her granddaughters when she got up and felt a twist.

“I was on the floor with them playing with toys and I got up. As I got up from the floor, my back — I just felt this twist in my back at the base of my spine,” she said on the show.

“I didn’t think anything of it and then that night it was really, really hurting, And I thought it was because I put weight on again, because when I put weight on, I get back pain. And I’m like, ‘Ah, I’ve got to go on a diet!’ And then the next day I couldn’t walk. What had happened was I had done my L3 and L4 disks damage and the L3 had kind of mushed up, but it had entangled around a nerve. So it was pressing on this nerve on my back that affected my legs. I couldn’t walk properly,” said Osbourne, 64.

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“They tried to do it with an epidural to ease the pain – that didn’t do any good, so I had to go in and have surgery. And I’ve been in bed doing nothing. My life has just been like nothing,” said Osbourne.

Despite not being able to wear high heels for four weeks to help with the recovery process, Osbourne admitted to the ladies of The Talk of returning: “this is the best medicine I could ever have.”

On March 8, Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly, gave an update on her mother’s surgery from the hospital.

“Mom’s in surgery she’s doing really well,” Kelly said to her mom’s co-hosts. “Thanks everybody for their love and support. Thanks to the hospital because they’ve been doing such amazing work. Thank you. Thank you. And trust me, she’s gonna be fine.”

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