Sharon Osbourne Says It 'Broke My Heart' When Eldest Daughter Aimee Moved Out at Age 16

"She was happy, but it broke my heart when she moved," Sharon Osbourne said of eldest daughter Aimee Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is reflecting on the heartbreaking moment her eldest child decided to leave home at age 16.

More than 15 years ago, Sharon and her husband, Ozzy, began filming their reality show, MTV’s The Osbournes, which documented the lives of the rock star and his offbeat family. Although Sharon’s two younger children, Kelly and Jack, starred in the four-season series (2002-05), Aimee didn’t want any part of it.

“I know that my eldest girl, Aimee, left home at 16 and she couldn’t live in our house because we were filming and it drove her insane,” Sharon, 65, said Tuesday on The Talk.

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“She felt too that she didn’t want to grow up on camera. She hated the idea — it was appalling to her,” said Sharon. “And so she left at 16 and I regret every day that she did.”

While Aimee, now 34, was happy with the decision, Sharon was left with a broken heart.

“She was happy,” said Sharon, “but it broke my heart when she moved.”

Sharon’s comments come a day after Jada Pinkett Smith said she was “devastated” when her son Jaden asked to be legally emancipated at the age of 15.

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The actress opened up about the experience alongside Jaden, her daughter Willow and her mom Adrienne Banfield-Jones on the latest episode of Red Table Talk on Monday.

“At 15 years old, Jaden, and I remember this day specifically, it’s probably one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life,” she began. “You got to a point where you told me straight up, you were like, ‘Mom, I have to leave here to live my life.’ “

She added, “I remember thinking to myself, as devastated as I was, I was like, ‘He’s right.’ The time is now. He’s 15. It’s time for him to leave the house.”

While Jaden didn’t end up legally splitting from his parents, Pinkett Smith said on Red Table Talk that she understands why her son wanted to separate himself.

“Every child needs something different,” she said to Banfield-Jones. “Being in this lifestyle, in this world is a bubble and he wanted out. I understood that because I didn’t have the bubble. I knew what having my freedom outside the bubble, what I gained from that. I knew the sooner I let him go, the faster he was going to come back.”

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