And You Thought 'Sharknado' Was Wild: See Tara Reid in 'Mosquitonado' !

The actress decides that a mosquitonado could be worse than a sharknado because "you would really itch"

Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage

Not that Sharknado really needs a parody, but here’s a faux movie trailer that pokes fun at the kitschy franchise – Mosquitonado.

Just in time for Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! on July 22, Tara Reid has teamed up with Terminix to spoof the Syfy series.

When asked which would be a scarier storm, a sharknado or a mosquitonado, Reid, 39, is torn.

“In a sharknado, you’re getting limbs bit, you’re gonna die. In a mosquitonado, you can handle it. So, I guess a mosquitonado in a certain way because more likely in a sharknado, you’re probably gonna die. In a mosquitonado you’re gonna just really itch.”

Food for thought.

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