See What It's Like to Be a Shark Week Underwater Cinematographer

Denis Lagrange talks about filming sharks for Discovery Channel

Photo: Mike Parry/Getty

If you’ve ever watched Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, you’ve seen plenty of amazing underwater footage, but just who is filming all those close-up shots of sharks?

This year it’s French cinematographer Denis Lagrange, 44, who began diving at the age of 10 in Rangiroa, the second largest atoll in the world.

Lagrange returned with the Discovery Channel to Rangiroa this year to film for Shark Week.

After traveling to the Hotel Kia Ora with camera equipment in tow, Lagrange and the TOPDIVE team set off in search of sharks. While the job may seem dangerous, it’s just another day at work for Lagrange.

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“For the last 20 years I’ve been working underwater,” he says. “The sharks don’t want to bite you. We are big, we’re making bubbles, it’s kind of scary for the sharks. They just want to check you out.”

And since sharks are protected in Tahiti, if you go searching for them in the ocean, odds are you will see more than one.

“It’s very special,” says Lagrange. There aren’t many places like that.”

Shark Week is airing night only the Discovery Channel through Sunday.

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