Why 'Shark Tank' 's Barbara Corcoran 'Chose to Ignore the Female Card Totally' in the Workplace

"It's been a struggle in every woman's life to make it to the top of the heap in business," Corcoran tells PEOPLE

Barbara Corcoran has worked her way to the top — but as a woman, it wasn’t always easy.

Stopping by PEOPLE Now, the Shark Tank investor offered some helpful advice for women in the workplace.

“It’s been a struggle in every woman’s life to make it to the top of the heap in business,” Corcoran, 67, says. “But my secret sauce was I never thought of myself as a woman. I thought of myself as just a player. I chose to ignore the female card totally.”


“I certainly am guilty of dressing in short skirts — if I had nice legs, which I do — and getting noticed walking into a room with a bright suit. And that’s an advantage when you’re walking into a room full of men in navy blue and grey. But other than being visually noticed and and point of difference, I ignored the fact that I was a woman,” she adds.

This isn’t the first time Corcoran has offered her advice. In May 2016, the businesswoman took some heat after sending a controversial tweet (now deleted) indicating that she finds her success by wearing “bright colors, yank[ing] up my skirt.”

But Corcoran stood by her comment. “When I was building my business, I would walk into a room of 600 men in dark suits and I dress like a guy in a nice pant suit, no one would say hi to me no one would entertain me,” Corcoran previously told Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

“The minute I started wearing bright suits and I would have a nice length skirt on, I would just roll up the middle and walk into that room, everyone paid attention to me,” she continued. “And you know what? You’re crazy if you don’t use that in building a business — men do it.”

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