There were dining at a restaurant named The Quiet Woman, but Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd were anything but on Monday's Real Housewives of Orange County

By Dave Quinn
July 24, 2017 10:00 PM

There were dining at a restaurant named The Quiet Woman, but Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd were anything but on Monday’s Real Housewives of Orange County.

The two rivals got into a heated argument at the end of the episode, exchanging insults — and in Beador’s case, throwing plates — as fellow Orange County Housewives Tamra Judge, Lydia McLaughlin and Peggy Sulahian looked on in horror.

“F— you,” Beador, 53, screamed at Dodd at the height of their battle — then giving her the middle finger. “Read between these lines you f—— bitch. Get out of my table.”

Dodd got up to leave, but not without making a dig at Beador’s 40-lb. weight gain. “You know what, keep eating,” she said.

That only prompted Beador to throw a dinner plate Dodd’s way. “This isn’t my plate, you stupid f—— bitch,” she said as the plate crashed on the table. “That’s not my f—— plate.”

“I’m done! I’m f—— done,” Beador added as she stormed away from the table, past a giggling Dodd in the restaurant’s back hallway. “Get the f— away from me you f—— bitch. Keep laughing you f—— bitch!”

Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd
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So how exactly did things escalate to that level? It started the second Dodd walked into The Quiet Woman and bumped into Beador — who didn’t know she was coming — in the restaurant’s bathroom. “Hey!” Beador said, taken aback by Dodd — who she was avoiding after they went head-to-head in the season 11 reunion. “Are you serious? Oh wow.”

“Get a look at fat Shannon right now,” Beador continued. “I don’t want to tear up but in the last year I’ve gained 40 lbs. and I’m 40 percent body fat.”

Dodd greeted Beador and told her she hadn’t gained weight. “Honestly, I did not know you were going to be here,” she explained, failing to mention that McLaughlin had told her before. “I have to go to the bathroom so bad. I have a bladder problem obviously. ‘Cause we all have problems.”

But Dodd also couldn’t help but tease Beador about her greeting — bringing it up to McLaughlin, who was also in the bathroom. “I walked in here, you know what [Shannon] said?” Dodd recounted. ” ‘Seriously?’ I was like, ‘Oh hi, Shannon.’ I was like, ‘Hi, I wasn’t mean to you.’ ”

“I love to push Shannon’s buttons ’cause she’s the Shannon-coaster,” Dodd confessed to viewers. “You press that little button and she goes off the rails.”

Kelly Dodd
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Boy, did Beador ever. “Are we going to really start Kelly? ‘Cause I was a little shocked to see you,” she shot back. “I confided in you just now about what I went through today — I’m confiding in you about something. I was surprised to see you here, but I’m not going to have you continue to paint me out to be a mean person. ‘Cause I wasn’t meant to you just now … I was nothing but kind to you!”

Slamming the bathroom door as Dodd left, Beador started crying. “I can’t take it. I can’t take people keep saying that I’m mean,” she told McLaughlin — who quickly launched into a prayer to help Beador find “peace” through Jesus’ presence.

While that was happening, Dodd was back at the table with Judge and Sulahain — telling them what had happened. “I had Shannon going sideways on me. Just, ‘What the f— are you doing here?’ It’s psycho. Poor thing,” she said. “I think Shannon doesn’t want me here. I didn’t say anything today.”

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Judge attempted to defend Beador — reminding Dodd of the damaging hearsay spread about Beador in the past. Judge didn’t have to get too specific, though, as Beador returned to the table and explained herself.

“You know what Kelly, I was surprised to see you here,” Beador said. “The last time I saw you wasn’t the most pleasant experience. The last words you said to me were so incredibly cool, so seeing you tonight was a shocker. And that is understandable.”

The explanation didn’t make sense to Dodd. “Why would you be surprised to see me here when we live down the street from here?” she asked, explaining that The Quiet Woman was her neighborhood hang. “[Shannon]’s always upset. She’s always mad. I didn’t do anything wrong! You always want to nitpick at things that you want to be upset about. You can look at the glass half full.”

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Shannon Beador
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Beador bit back. “I always look at the glass half full, Kelly,” she said. “You have been nothing but a disgusting person to me. Kelly, this is our dinner. Walk off the table now. You’re done. Move along. Have a good night. So sorry that I gave you the f—— bathroom before I needed it.”

Then Dodd threw the insult that broke Beador’s back. “Calm down girl,” she said. “Maybe you need some hormones or something for your body. Because you are out of control, girl. You are crying!”

That was it for Beador, who blew her top (and threw her plates).

“Kelly Dodd is nothing — she’s a nobody,” Judge told Beador afterwards, trying to calm her down. “She’s an angry, angry, angry person. But you cannot let her get the best of you.”

“I know she’s nothing. Honest to God, she couldn’t even put a sentence together tonight,” Beador said back. “I’m sorry. If you don’t think that I’m going to beat myself up for two days about getting emotional today? I will.”

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