The actress also gave her home to her grandmother and opted to couch surf through Los Angeles


They say money can’t buy happiness, and Shailene Woodley seems to agree.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed that she can fit all of her material possessions into one carry-on bag. A bag, which, until recently, didn’t even include a cellphone.

“I used to not have a phone. I do have a phone right now because we’ve been doing so much press,” the Fault in Our Stars actress explained. “And they were like, ‘Shae, we need to be able to get a hold of you, so here’s a temporary phone and we’ve taped the number to the back of it, so you won’t forget it.’ ”

Looks as though Woodley is more about Mother Nature than mastering tech. The clay-drinking star also showed off her altruistic side, telling Kimmel she gave away her California home to her grandmother, opting to couch surf through Los Angeles with her suitcase instead.

We hereby volunteer our sofa!

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