Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi on Why Her 'Irrational' 2-Month Marriage Failed: 'Submission Breeds Resentment'

"In the simplest terms that I can put it, I would say submissions breeds resentment," Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi tells PEOPLE about why she split from husband Shalom Yeroushalmi

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Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi doesn’t believe in marriage, but she was willing to take a chance on it for love.

In January, the Shahs of Sunset star tied the knot with Shalom Yeroushalmi after getting engaged just one month prior. But just two months after marrying, the couple split, and the reality star filed for divorce from Yeroushalmi citing irreconcilable differences in May.

“In the simplest terms that I can put it, I would say submissions breeds resentment,” Gharachedaghi, 35, tells PEOPLE about the reason her marriage ended.

“I have never believed in marriage. I did something to make someone else happy and I completely regretted it afterwards. I knew what I did was wrong and it wasn’t for me or for my happiness, but for someone else, and I guess for one moment I thought maybe someone else’s happiness will do it for me. And it didn’t,” she says.

The Bravo personality and Yeroushalmi, 33, both lived in the same complex for years and met one day in their building’s elevator. After sparking up a conversation with Yeroushalmi, Gharachedaghi says their relationship, which began in September of last year, “literally started as of the next day and we were just together every single day.”

Although their romance was a whirlwind from the beginning to its end, Gharachedaghi believes their love was real and did try to make it work.

“I know it sounds silly because it was such a short relationship, but it happened so fast and the intensity of everything that happened — what would happen in a four-year timeframe happened in a four-month timeframe,” says Gharachedaghi. “We went to a therapist that we’d been seeing for two months and we were trying. I was giving it every chance to fix things and see what can come of it. I just couldn’t — things couldn’t change.”

For Gharachedaghi, she recognized signs prior to marrying — which her parents called “an irrational move” on their daughter’s part — that highlighted their differences as people.

“It kind of started before we even got married, which everyone will see because one of the first fights that we actually ever had happened to be on camera and in front of everybody,” she explains.

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Though Gharachedaghi and Yeroushalmi accepted one another for who they are, there was one key factor that was a strain on their relationship.

“I would say he’s more on the traditional side and I’m not, my family is not. I want kids. I’m almost 36 years old, so I’m thinking of my future, having children, what not. For him, it was the order of: marriage, house, kids,” she shares. “He treated me very well. He loved me very much and he accepted me for a lot of the ways that I was. One thing he couldn’t accept was I did not believe in marriage, but I was going to do it for him because I wanted to move forward in the relationship.”

But Gharachedaghi stands firm in her feelings about marriage, saying, “I don’t believe in the sanctity of it. I don’t believe I need a piece of paper to value my bond with someone. It just causes legal drama.”

Since splitting at the end March, Gharachedaghi says that she’s “trying to reach out constantly so I can establish some sort of a friendship with him,” but recognizes that Yeroushalmi’s “having a hard time” with the breakup.

“He’s also said he’s still very much in love with me and it’s hard for him to be friends. I’m just asking for him to open the lines of communication, let us move forward, sign the papers, let’s do this and be friends,” she says of Yeroushalmi, who allegedly has yet to sign the divorce documents.

Still, despite her failed marriage, she isn’t closed off to doing it again in the future.

“I don’t necessarily believe in marriage,” she says, adding, “It’s not something that I would say I’m never going to do, because ultimately if I’m with a man that needs that to make himself happy, I would do it just like I did.”

The sixth season of Shahs of Sunset premieres July 16 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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