Mike Shouhed Addresses Infidelity Rumors on 'Shahs of Sunset' : 'These Are All Allegations – the Entire F---ing World Knows I'm Married'

"The entire f---ing world knows I'm married – I didn't keep it a secret," Shouhed says in the clip

Photo: Bravo

It’s been months since news broke of Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido‘s divorce – but now, all the drama behind the split is unfolding on Shahs of Sunset.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode, Shouhed is forced to confront the state of his marriage during a trip to Belize with his costars – but he denies the split had anything to do with him cheating.

“People make claims, and after a while, after certain people make claims, she sees it to be true,” he says of his estranged wife Parido, while enjoying some time in the pool with Reza Farahan, Shervin Roohparvar and Asa Soltan Rahmati.

“She read a message from a girl, that some girl sent to me – I didn’t even have the number saved,” he adds. “She blew the f— up. I tried to explain it to her, she didn’t want to hear it. And that’s it.”

“That’s what made her leave?” asks Roohparvar.

“Yeah. At this point, we’re taking a little breather and I don’t know what the f— is going to happen,” replies Shouhed, 37.

Then Soltan Rahmati jumps in.

“Can I ask you an honest question?” she asks hesitantly. “Since you’ve been married to her, have you ever done her wrong?”

“Have I cheated on her? No,” says Shouhed. “I don’t know what she believes. … Girls throw themselves at me.”

The scene is spliced with one of Shouhed’s confessionals, in which a producer reveals Parido – who didn’t join the group in Belize – is “telling everyone who will listen that you’ve been unfaithful to her, a lot.”

“These are all allegations,” Shouhed responds. “The entire f—ing world knows I’m married. I didn’t keep it a secret.”

Back in the pool, Farahan calls Shouhed out for his behavior with women.

“You’re out with Sherv, and you’re pouring drinks like you’re entertaining these women!” he says.

Shouhed, meanwhile, isn’t having it: “So f—ing what? We’re at a club!” he says. “I’m having a good time. What am I supposed to do? I’m not dead.”

“I don’t have a guilty mind, so things that I do I don’t see as being wrong,” he continues.

“It’s not about a filthy mind. You also have very disgusting, flirty …” Farahan says, trailing off.

“At some point you’re going to have to face it,” Roohparvar says.

“I don’t have to face nothing, to be honest with you,” Shouhed says angrily, before getting out of the pool and walking away.

Parido, 27, filed for divorce from Shouhed last November, about eight months after their lavish wedding. The two separated in August.

Shortly afterwards, Shouhed told PEOPLE he was “blindsided” by the divorce, which came after Parido found an old message on his iCloud that showed he had been unfaithful in the past.

“It was years ago before we were even engaged. It was a moment of weakness, and I fully regret that it happened,” he said at the time.

Throughout this season of Shahs, however, the Bravo star has maintained he wasn’t unfaithful – will he finally come clean to his friends?

Shahs of Sunset airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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