"In terms of just raw sexuality, the way that that man maintains his back hair is not to be believed," the Will & Grace star tells PEOPLE of her husband

By Brianne Tracy
November 07, 2018 10:00 AM

To Megan Mullally no one is sexier than her husband of 15 years, Nick Offerman.

The Will & Grace star opens up about what makes the Parks and Recreation actor sexy in PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive 2018 issue, on newsstands Friday, as well as in a video she filmed featuring a cameo from Offerman himself.

“First of all, when I first met him I was really attracted to his kindness and his human decency,” Mullally, 59, says in the clip, before jokingly adding, “Now, it’s really more about his money — but I still think he’s a nice guy.”

Rich Fury/Getty Images

As a straight-faced Offerman, 48, enters the video in the background, Mullally doesn’t acknowledge him. She says something “really cool” about their relationship now is that “it always feels like the fifth or sixth date.”

“It just feels really new,” she says. “Sometimes when I’m out with other guys, I’m like, ‘My relationship with Nick still feels really new too’ — so that’s an advantage.”

“I will say that one thing that Nick has done that really means a lot to me is he’s forgiving of my faults,” she continues. “I only have one, which is lying. That’s one of my jokes — oh, it’s a good one.”

As for Mullally’s nickname for her husband?

“Goliath Johnson because he has a big one,” she says with a wink, as Offerman stares into the screen and smiles behind her. “Sick brag, am I right?”

David Livingston/Getty

And Mullally has no doubt that her husband deserves to be included among the ranks of the world’s sexiest men alive.

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David Burton

“In terms of just raw sexuality, the way that that man maintains his back hair is not to be believed,” she says. “It is just professional level.”

She adds: “Bottom line, don’t make me pick my favorite quality of one of the world’s sexiest men — it’s just an embarrassment of riches.”