On Sex with Brody, Jenner gives sex and relationship advice, though he admits to PEOPLE it's not always the best advice
Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty

“TMI” doesn’t apply when it comes to Brody Jenner‘s new call-in sex show.

The reality star, whose next gig is hosting Sex With Brody, a relationship call-in talk show – where the “sex connoisseur” covers all things between the sheets – says he would love to have stepsister Khloé Kardashian appear on the show.

“I would love to have Khloé on,” Jenner tells PEOPLE at the Gran Centenario Angels in the Sky event Tuesday in Los Angeles, though he admits she might be a tough get.

“Khloé’s very busy these days,” he says. “She’s great.”

As far as what viewers can expect from the new series, Jenner says there will be lots of laughs. Joining Jenner on the show will be relationship therapist and author Dr. Mike Dow and actress and comedian Stevie Ryan

“I give my advice,” he says. “Sometimes it’s not the best advice, though I think it is. It’s just what I would do. I say some pretty wild things. It’s a funny show.”

While Jenner has had plenty of dating experience – his past high-profile relationships include Avril Lavigne, Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari before current model girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter – he admits he’s still surprised by some of the topics they cover on his series.

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“There’s a lot of stuff on the show that catches me off guard,” he says. “You’ll hear a lot about sex. It’s a PG-13 version of Love Line and Howard Stern.”

Sex with Brody premieres July 10 (10:30 p.m. ET) on E!

Reporting by MATT WEISS