'Sex and the City' 's Kristin Davis on Those Samantha Spin-Off Rumors and Sarah Jessica Parker's 'Glamorous' Twins

Is there a chance beloved character Samantha is returning to the small screen?

Sorry to disappoint, Sex and the City fans, but it doesn’t quite look like a Samantha spin-off is coming our way anytime soon.

PEOPLE recently caught up with Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte on the hit HBO series, and the star revealed whether there was any truth to the rumors that Kim Cattrall‘s character would be getting her own show.

“You know, I heard that just last week! I don’t know anything about it, but Samantha is a great character,” she said. “I know nothing, and I thought our general agreement had been that we probably wouldn’t do that, but as I said, the whole ride has been kind of unusual.”

“So it’s not impossible, I guess — but I hadn’t heard that from any reliable sources,” she continued.

Beyond the fabulous four leading ladies, another huge SATC star was Carrie’s wardrobe, which in some ways transcended into Sarah Jessica Parker‘s real-life style — and according to Davis, Parker’s twin girls are following right in their fashionable mom’s footsteps.

“Oh, let me tell you — the twins are glamorous,” said Davis, 51, of Parker’s 7-year-old daughters Loretta and Tabitha. “They have a lot of style. It’s all over the place, it’s like one thing, and then another thing — but I mean, they’re always very interestingly dressed, which is exactly what you’d expect.”

And according to Davis, the girls’ outfits aren’t being picked out by Mom.

“Sarah doesn’t do it. She doesn’t push them, they get to choose themselves. They’re creative,” said Davis. “That’s really how Sarah Jessica is. She’s creative about her dressing. In life, she mixes and matches in ways that you wouldn’t expect, not always quite in a Carrie-type, over-the-top way — and I don’t mean that in a bad way — but she’s creative. … And that’s what she presents for her daughters!”

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