May 01, 2015 09:30 AM

To this day, Sex and the City fans play the “Which SATC character are you?” game. So who better to label celebrities as a Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda than the woman who played Miranda herself?

Cynthia Nixon, who starred as the quick-witted lawyer on the HBO hit, had a little fun on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday sorting some major female (and male) celebrities into one the four SATC character categories in a game called Nixon Picks ‘Em.

To kick it off, host Andy Cohen, 46, gave a few examples of his own: He is obviously a Carrie, while Anderson Cooper is a Miranda.

“So, I can’t get these wrong because these are an opinion,” the actress, 49, said in the clip before proceeding with caution.

“Queen Elizabeth!” Cohen fired first, to which Nixon answered, “I think she’s a Charlotte.” (Cohen agrees.)

Next up, the television host asked about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I think she’s a Miranda,” the actress said (pretty definitively).

Other Mirandas, according to the original Ms. Hobbes herself? Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Lena Dunham.

She also labeled Oprah a Carrie, Michele Bachmann a Charlotte, Beyoncé a Samantha, First Lady Michelle Obama a Carrie, and Mahatma Gandhi?

“Gandhi’s a Mr. Big, clearly,” Nixon said with a laugh.

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