Leah Carney is "taken aback" to learn husband Neal has changed his mind of a major issue

By Alexandra Hurtado
Updated August 11, 2015 05:10 PM

In the latest episode of Seven Year Switch (produced by the same team that created Married at First Sight), Aleshia Osemwengie drops a major bombshell on Leah Carney that could potentially impact her marriage.

“It’s hard your guy’s situation,” Osemwengie reveals. “Not only do you have what you guys went through with the infidelity, but now he wants kids.”

“What?” asks a surprised Carney. “We went into our marriage knowing that was not anything [we wanted].”

When pressed by Osemwengie for her reasons for not wanting kids, Carney says, “I have like a hundred reasons why I don’t want children. I just don’t.”

Prior to joining the show, the Carneys had discussed the subject, so Neal’s confession his “new wife” Osemwengie is a game-changer. “I’m kind of taken aback when I hear that he’s talking with her about that,” admits Leah.

As for Osemwengie, she can’t understand the couple’s communication gap: “How did you miscommunicate having kids, it’s either you do or you don’t. I don’t know what happened but their wires definitely got crossed.”

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