Neighbors Stars Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen Reuniting for Apple TV+ Comedy Series, Platonic

The actors costarred in the Neighbors movies in 2014 and 2016

seth rogen and rose Byrne
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Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne are reuniting on the small screen.

The actors, who starred in the hit 2014 film Neighbors as well as the 2016 sequel, Sorority Rising, will appear in an upcoming Apple TV+ comedy, Platonic.

The series, helmed by Neighbors director Nick Stoller, follows Byrne and Rogan as former best friends who reconnect as adults and try to repair their relationship, according to a release. Over the course of the 10-episode comedy, their friendship becomes increasingly consuming and destabilizes their lives.

Byrne, 41, and Rogan, 38, will also serve as executive producers for Platonic, which marks the second Apple TV+ project for Byrne. The Bridesmaids star is also set to star in Physical, a dramedy about a housewife discovering the world of aerobics in 1980s Los Angeles.

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In Neighbors, the pair of actors played a married couple who just welcomed a baby and desperately attempt to sabotage the raucous fraternity house next door. Zac Efron, Dave Franco and Halston Sage also starred in the comedy film.

Before it premiered, Byrne told The New York Times that the pair had "an easy rapport" while working together.

"Straight off we had a good, easy rapport and a matching temperament," she said. "That couple's really got to come off as authentic and self-assured, and I feel like we had that. Right, Seth?"

"It was fun to be in a dynamic like that, and it was easy," Rogan added. "There's not a lot of conflict — you're not always trying to figure out clever ways to insult the person. It was really like having a partner."

Later in the interview, the pair joked about what they learned about each other during the process of making the movie, noting that they both hail from countries outside the U.S.

"I learned about Rose's childhood, wearing a funny little uniform at her Australian school," Rogan said, while Byrne replied, "I learned that Seth is Canadian, and Canadians and Australians actually have a lot in common. We're both heavily influenced by America, we both have large, huge land masses that are uninhabitable, we both still have the Queen on all our money. We're both alcohol drinkers."

"It's true, they drink and swear a lot. Commonwealth pride — they live strong," Rogan added.

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