Seth Meyers Spent His First Free Saturday Watching 'SNL'

"It was really fun for me to have that excitement ... of not knowing what's coming up next," the Late Night host tells PEOPLE

Photo: Mike Pont/FilmMagic

Saturday Night Live gained a new viewer for its first show back after the Olympics – Seth Meyers.

“I ended up staying up and watching all of SNL,” the former head writer and host of Weekend Update told PEOPLE at Equinox during the annual Cycle for Survival event on Sunday morning.

“I loved it. It was really fun for me to have that excitement that a viewer has of not knowing what’s coming up next. I felt a lot like a regular person, but a proud regular person.”

Meyers, 40, has big shoes to fill with his new gig hosting Late Night, but says he isn’t pondering the precedent his predecessors have set.

“I’m just really honored to be handed the keys to something that so many people that you respect and admire have done before you,” says Meyers, who cycled with wife Alexi Ashe to raise money for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

“I tried very hard not to expect too much, so I wouldn’t be disappointed or surprised,” the Fallon successor tells PEOPLE. “I wanted to approach [the show] and adjust as it went.”

“What I learned from doing Weekend Update is if you think too much about the people who have done it before you, it gets in the way of the job you’re going to do,” he explains. “It’s really nice to not think about things like legacy.”

Meyers jokingly adds, “I’m mostly just thinking about Monday.”

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