The host dishes on his hot new gig and cool new workspace

Updated February 27, 2014 10:35 AM
Charles Sykes/Bravo

When it came to prepping for his debut as host of Late Night this week, Seth Meyers admitted to having the jitters. “I’m nervous! But I’ve always found that butterflies are helpful,” the former Saturday Night Live cast member and “Weekend Update” host told PEOPLE in a pre-premiere interview.

On Monday night, Meyers, 40, took over from Jimmy Fallon, whose Tonight Show made an impressive debut on Feb. 17.

While he’s now got a few shows under his belt, Meyers says, “More than anything I’m looking forward to March 20, when I’ve had about three or four weeks, so I can really get a sense of what it’s like.”

Luckily he has a comfortable new office to ease the transition. The comedian, who married lawyer Alexi Ashe, 29, last September, asked his interior designer sister-in-law Ariel to transform the space. “I can only take credit for everything that looks chintzy and cheap,” he insisted during PEOPLE’s photo shoot, “as far as everything that’s nice, that’s my sister-in-law.”

He points out his favorite feature – a giant black-and-white photo of his dog, Frisbee. “My wife and I took him to a professional photography studio, which is more of a commitment than any wedding ring would ever be,” he admits with a laugh. “We are that couple.”

With comic books, football cards and memorabilia from his SNL days all proudly displayed, Meyers says, “My knickknacks have no place in a home you share with a woman.”

As for his anxiety, friends say he has nothing to worry about. “Seth’s a brilliantly funny mad scientist,” says pal and Live with Kelly and Michael host Kelly Ripa. “He’s always the smartest guy in the room.”

But even the smartest guy in the room likes to goof off sometimes. “I feel like someone will walk in on me playing XBox when I should be doing something else,” he jokes.