The comedian said the feature is not meant to be taken seriously, calling it "another joke in the special"

Comedy fans unable to stomach one more joke about the president now have a way to separate their laughs from their politics.

For his new Netflix stand-up special Lobby Baby, streaming now, Seth Meyers is highlighting some viewers’ reluctance to hear political humor by offering a new playback feature. The interactive option allows streamers to skip the comedian’s bits about politics, much like the platform allows users to skip intros and recaps while binge-watching.

“It dawned on me that because it was on Netflix, there would be this opportunity to put in technology that would allow people to skip it,” Meyers, 45, told CNN Business. “It was a way to build in the response to anyone who would say, ‘Oh, let me guess, there’s going to be jokes about the President.'”

Seth Meyers
Credit: David Schnack/Netflix

Meyers isn’t one to shy away from criticizing President Donald Trump, often making the White House the punchline on his Late Night show with segments like “A Closer Look.”

According to him, the skip option is intended to be “another joke in the special,” not a function he expects viewers to actually put into practice.

“I think, look, sometimes at a fancy restaurant they’ll put parsley on your plate and you’ll think, well, that’s a nice touch, but you’re not going to eat the parsley,” he said, fully expecting his fans to be on board with his Trump humor.

Robbie Praw, director of original standup comedy programming at Netflix, said Meyers had the “clever idea” and approached the streaming giant with the suggestion, which it was excited to try.

“We’re thrilled he was able to take advantage of the Netflix experience in such a funny and innovative way,” Praw told CNN Business.

And while Meyers agreed world news can be overwhelming at times, he said he stands by keeping an eye on current events through thick and thin.

“I’m burned out from some politicians,” he said, “but I’m not burned out on politics.”

Netflix has delved into the interactive viewing experience before, previously with a choose-your-own-adventure installment of Black Mirror called Bandersnatch, which went on to win an Emmy. Coming soon is an interactive edition of the original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, allowing fans to select their own storylines and accompanying jokes.

Rumors swirled last month that the streaming service would roll out an option for users to adjust playback speeds on TV shows and movies, offering a quicker way to binge. After many Hollywood figures fired back at the feature, which they said would affect the intended way of viewing their art, Netflix said it has “no plans” to implement the option anytime soon.

Lobby Baby is streaming on Netflix.