The pair offer a far-from-sentimental farewell to Leno, who'll leave The Tonight Show on Feb. 6

By Alex Heigl
Updated January 30, 2014 11:15 AM
Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

When Seth MacFarlane and Bill Maher drop by your show to sing to you, you know you’re not going to get a sentimental rendition of “The Best Is Yet to Come.”

The pair said their goodbyes to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Wednesday in swinging fashion, serenading the departing host with a song that thanked Leno for “the memories you gave,” but mostly for “your rivalry with Dave [Letterman]” and “the beating that you gave.”

The pair aren’t referring to some previously hidden parking-lot dust-up between the two iconic late-night hosts, but rather, as Maher sings, the fact that “you crushed him in the ratings, and you’ll take that to your grave!”

We only hope our retirement party is this much fun.

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