The project will hit Netflix on March 31

Selena Gomez is switching things up and going behind the camera for her soon-to-be released “passion project.”

The 24-year-old singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a sneak peek of the new Netflix series — 13 Reasons Why — that she’s been working on as an executive producer.

“A peek at a passion project I’ve been working on with @Netflix. @13ReasonsWhy arrives 3/31,” she captioned a short trailer for the show that will hit the streaming service on March 31.

On Thursday, the actress-singer opened up further about the project, sharing behind-the-scenes details — and why she was “nervous as hell” about it.

“This was the day I was nervous as hell going into @Netflix for the first time to talk about @13reasonswhy,” Gomez captioned a serious-faced selfie. “My mom found this book in 2009 and worked her ass off to make it with me, guide me and tell this story authentically (the only reason, beside Jay this project was even made).”

Based off of the popular book, the new show tells the story of a young woman who commits suicide, but leaves behind 13 cassette tapes for all the people who contributed to her death.

In addition to her TV project, new music might also be on the way for Gomez! On Dec. 15, Justin Tranter posted a photo of Gomez, in what appeared to be a recording studio, putting on eyeliner with the caption “Music and love.”

Tranter, along with songwriting partner Julia Michaels, has often collaborated with the actress to create such hits such as “Hands to Myself,” “Good For You” along with six more songs for her 2015 Revival album.

13 Reasons Why hits Netflix on March 31.