Watch the 'Seeking Sister Wife' Couples Navigate New Boundaries, Doubts and Jealousy in Season 4

Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife airs on TLC June 6, 2022

Seeking Sister Wife is nearly back, and PEOPLE has an exclusive look at all the drama that comes when couples both old and new are courting supersized relationships.

Returning couple Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield first joined the show last season. After a monogamous 10-year marriage, Garrick felt that God was guiding him to live a plural marriage lifestyle. The couple, who share two sons, found Brazilian native Roberta online and decided to divorce in order to move forward with the relationship, despite the concerns of Dannielle's parents.

The new season sees them attempting to incorporate Roberta into their family from afar — even as they open up the relationship yet another partner back home in Colorado.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4

"We need Bert to be 100 percent on board," says Dannielle as the Merrifields welcome potential third wife Lea into the relationship. Lea, too, has to find her place in the evolving relationship and wonders, "Are we gonna have to slow down because [Roberta's] not here?"

And it seems Roberta does have a very different pace in mind — she tells Garrick he's allowed "no kisses" as far as she's concerned. The stress of the complex relationship causes Dannielle to break down and admit to Roberta she's "second-guessed" their decision to bring her into the relationship, adding, "Not being able to trust you, it's been very hard."

Sidian and Tosha Jones are also returning and are now pursuing Filipino beauty queen Arielle, whom Sidian describes Arielle as having "the most perfect face, a perfect body."

Tosha's mother sums up the dilemma of a plural relationship when she asks if her daughter has set a limit on how many women Sidian might bring into the relationship, bluntly saying she's "not a fan" of her daughter's situation.

After Sidian admits, "Arielle might be kind of out of my league," the setup is primed for complication when only he can travel to the Philippines to meet Arielle in person.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4
Arielle and Sidian Jones in Seeking Sister Wife. TLC

And though Arielle assures Sidian, "I don't get jealous," Sidian starts to consider the reality that, if he brings this "crazy beautiful" new woman home to the U.S., his "relationship with Tosha could be damaged." (According to TLC's description of Sidian's trip abroad, it sounds like that might already be a done deal because "[Sidian and Arielle's] relationship develops at a rapid speed, leaving Tosha feeling lonely at home.")

As always, the new season will also bring plenty of new faces. Three new polygamous families will be introduced, including Steve and Brenda Foley, who have previous experience with polygamy, and are beginning their journey again, this time with a much younger potential sister wife.

Nick, April and Jennifer Davis will also join in the new season and bring a few new twists to the show. Both April and Jennifer consider themselves Nick's wife, but the two women are also legally married to each other, while they both have taken Nick's last name. Season 4 will show 21-year-old April's arrival into the family, which is met with a raised eyebrow from teen son Preston.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4
Jennifer and April Davis in Seeking Sister Wife. TLC

As time goes on, Jennifer's concerns also start to grow. In one tense exchange, she tells April, "I feel like we would be closer, but I feel like I'm not even a thought." Of course, Nick does absolutely nothing to assuage those fears, telling Jennifer, "I'll keep you around, but when it comes down to it, I'm protecting April."

And that's not all! According to TLC, "The Colorado-based throuple is also courting Danielle. The new relationship seems to be going well until some unexpected surprises are revealed along the way, leaving Danielle to question if this is what she really wants."

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4
The. TLC

Marcus, Taryn and India Epps are also joining the mix. Marcus is married to Taryn and engaged to India Marcus, but he's open to the possibility of adding another woman into their family — which looks mostly fun until Marcus breaks a curfew India has set for him, making her question the whole arrangement.

Still, even with those relationship growing pains, Marcus can't help saying he's "glad to be that guy!"

The new season of Seeking Sister Wife returns June 6 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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