'Seeking Brother Husband' : How an 'Intense' Line Dancing Fling Led a Couple Down a 'Rocky Path' to Open Marriage

Seeking Brother Husband's Elisa shares that, before she and husband Mike decided to explore polyandry, she didn't realize they could "have a great relationship and I can still like somebody else"

Elisa and Mike are reflecting on their challenging journey to becoming a polyandrous couple on Seeking Brother Husband.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's premiere of the new TLC series — which chronicles four polyandrous relationships at various stages in their relationships — the Los Angeles-based newlyweds look back at a moment that came to define their dynamic as a couple.

"As soon as we met, it was like we're inseparable," Elisa tells her husband as he notes, "I mean, we had fallen in love."

"That's why I had such a struggle, like when, you know, I met that guy line dancing," she adds.

Seeking Brother Husband

In a confessional, Elisa recalls cheating on Mike despite being happy in their relationship. She explains, "I cheated on Mike while we were dating — not because I was unhappy with our relationship, but because I just had this really intense connection with somebody else."

She tells Mike that time in their relationship was "so hard," adding, "It was like, Why do I feel this way about this other person if our relationship is so good? I didn't know at the time that we can have a great relationship and I can still like somebody else."

Overcoming her infidelity was difficult for the pair and they ultimately had to decide if they wanted to pursue multiple partners.

"It was quite the rocky path to get to this point," Mike admits. Elisa adds, "It was definitely really hard."

While discussing their decision to stay together after her infidelity, Elisa shares, "We had to go through everything we've been through in order to get to where we are now."

"We've both established we wanted to continue our relationship," he adds. "So, that was big step No. 1: We do want to continue this thing. Then big step No. 2 is, How to want this relationship to look moving forward?"

Mike addresses how he was able to move on after she cheated, explaining, "I had read some psychology and dating books, and I was open to the idea."

"I had to ask myself questions: Do I want to stay with her to pursue multiple partners? Or do I want to break up with her?" he continues. "I decided to stay with her and just grow from there."

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Seeking Brother Husband premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC and will be available to stream the same day on discovery+.

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