'Seeking Brother Husband' : Dustin Says Accepting 'Abandonment and Jealousy' Is 'Part of the Lifestyle'

Dustin and his wife Kim's boyfriend Vinson discuss what it takes to adjust to the polyandrous lifestyle after Vinson expressed doubts about his relationship with Kim

Dustin is shelling out some hard truths about the polyandrous lifestyle in a new episode of Seeking Brother Husband.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at the latest episode of the TLC show — which follows four polyandrous relationships at various stages — Dustin chats with his wife Kim's boyfriend Vinson over doubts about their mutual partner potentially starting a relationship with a third person.

"Where are you at with Kim? I know it's going to be hard for you if she starts dating somebody else and kind of managing that," Dustin asks Vinson in the clip as they play cornhole. "Is that like a hard stop for you?"

Vinson, whose relationship with Kim is on rocky footing after the first episode, responds: "It is, because I'm just not there like you are."

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Seeking Brother Husband

In a confessional, Dustin gets candid about the difficulties of opening up his 11-year marriage with Kim to someone new and overcoming those feelings.

"It is awkward, you know, to share what I went through, and you're going to experience this as well," Dustin says. "This is part of the lifestyle, is the uncomfortable part of sitting with our emotions and our abandonment and our jealousy."

Also speaking to the cameras, Vinson notes that his "jealousy" over Kim was rooted in his "importance" in a relationship. Seeing her with other people made him question where he "fits" within their dynamic.

"Do you ever feel like her giving her energy out to other people ever dilutes what you guys have sometimes?" Vinson asks Dustin.

"The times she was with you in that way, it did help me become stronger and more solid in myself, but that was the process you know?" Dustin admits. "At the time, I would kind of feel wounded, neglected, and left out of all the fun. All the cool kids were hanging out without me kind of feeling. So, it's not like I immediately became stronger."

"I mean my insecurities still come up sometimes, but I feel like I've turned the volume down on a lot of things I used to get initially emotionally reactive on," he adds.

In a confessional, Vinson points out that Dustin "is handling the whole situation with Kim wanting to bring in people a lot better" than he is.

"I think part of that is because they've had time to build that bond with each other over that time," he says. "And this whole experience is new for me. I'm not part of that union with them."

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Seeking Brother Husband airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC and will be available to stream the same day on discovery+.

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