Donald Trump sure knows how to sell a mattress

By Tierney McAfee
Updated December 15, 2015 01:00 PM

Long before real estate mogul Donald Trump repackaged himself as a GOP presidential candidate, he brought his business savvy to the small screen in ads for Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Pepsi and more big brands.

With his poll numbers slipping for the first time in months, the time has come for Trump to tap into his salesmanship skills at Tuesday night’s Republican debate. Perhaps he’s turning to his greatest hits collection of commercials for pointers? Let’s take a look.

He ate his pizza crust-first with ex-wife Ivana in a 1995 Pizza Hut ad poking fun of their divorce. (When she asks for the last bite he says, “Actually, you’re only entitled to half.” Classic Trump.)

Five years later, he fired off his “big mouth” and compared himself to Napoleon and Alexander the Great in another cheesy ad for Pizza Hut.

He talked shop with Grimace in a 2002 commercial for McDonald’s now-discontinued Big N’ Tasty.

He taught people the true meaning of sportsmanship in a 1989 ad for Trump: The Game. “Because it’s not whether you win or lose – it’s whether you win.”

He counted sheep in a 2010 Serta commercial for Trump-branded mattresses that somehow managed to spark 9/11 conspiracy theories (see the comments section).

He sold computers in an ad for Toshiba.

He marveled at the richness of his own office in this behind-the-scenes clip from a promo ad for his Atlantic City casinos.

He peddled Pepsi in an ad campaign promoting a 1988 Mike Tyson fight.

Before he boycotted Oreos, he appeared alongside one in a commercial that also featured his SNL impersonator Darrell Hammond and NFL stars and brothers Eli and Peyton Manning.

But perhaps the best Trump commercial of all is SNL‘s spoof Dominos ad starring Hammond dressed as Trump dressed as a slice of cheeseburger pizza.

Says the faux Trump in the ad: “We really have to crank this thing out Speedy Gonzales-style because tonight Melania and I are going to be photographed semi-nude in a bubble bath for Woman’s World magazine.”