The British actor opens up about his new role and the happiest job he ever had

Credit: FOX

No matter how well-suited actor Rob Kazinsky might seem to the world of TV and film by way of his breakout role on a British soap opera East Enders – with his handsome looks, fit physique, etc. – the actor, 32, is more at home in the world of traditional geek culture – playing video games and collecting Star Trek memorabilia.

His proudest video game-related achievement? That he was paid to play popular online computer game World of Warcraft professionally.

“I still play,” the Second Chance star tells PEOPLE. “I played it professionally for a long time. It was my job 18 hours a day to play that game at one point.”

Was that the most odd job he’s had?

“No, but it was the happiest, I’ll tell you that,” he said. “All I did was sit down in my underwear, order food in and play computer games for 18 hours and get fat and I was deliriously happy while doing it.”

With regard to his love of Star Trek, he says he keeps that passion mostly to himself, along with the memorabilia he’s collected over the years.

“I don’t have anything that’s worth keeping in a display case but some of the stuff you put on for fun,” he says with a laugh. “[But] going outside in my full Star Trek regalia I don’t think would be wise.”

Kazinsky hasn’t had much time to indulge in his extracurricular hobbies lately because of his role in Fox’s new Frankenstein-inspired drama Second Chance, in which he plays a 75-year-old corrupt former sheriff who gets a new lease on life when his consciousness is transferred into that of a 30-year-old man. Kazinsky says the role suits him perfectly.

“I’m a grumpy old soul. I have very little patience for things I don’t like,” he says. “There’s just something cantankerous and relatable to him for me. A comfort comes with age of saying what you mean and saying what you think, not standing for anything – not taking any s— essentially, that for me it was like the role was written for me before they even had it for me, you know what I mean?”

And how exactly is he successfully channeling the essence of a 75-year-old?

“Well I’m basically inhabiting my own father who is that age,” he says. “And kind of bringing as much of him into it as I humanly can.”

Second Chance airs on Wednesdays (9 p.m.) on Fox