Highlights include: "I Don't Want to Meet Your Family (I'm Breaking Up with you Next Week)"

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

Sick of the same old holiday tunes? Seal‘s got a solution.

The British 7 crooner appeared in a Jimmy Kimmel Live! short to sing a slew of mock holiday jingles – off the faux album, Seal’s Honest Christmas Carols – that express some all-too-real yuletide adversities.

“Every Christmas, artists like myself release albums about the joy and wonder of the season. But what about the parts of Christmas that aren’t so joyous? What about the parts of Christmas that kind of suck? Well, now there’s an album for that, too,” Seal, 52, said in the hilarious spoof.

Rounding out his list of woebegone contemporary tunes: “No One Likes Your Ugly Sweater Party,” “Mom’s Drunk Again,” “I Don’t Want to Meet Your Family (I’m Breaking Up with You Next Week),” “All My Friends From High School Are Fat,” “Another F—ing Applebee’s Gift Card (Thanks Donna, This Is Just What I Needed)” and “My Cousin’s New Boyfriend Is a D–.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time Kimmel has enlisted a pop star to warble some gag holiday ditties. Last year, Meghan Trainor did a similar, Thanksgiving-themed short – who could forget “Grandma’s a Racist (Pass the Yams)”?