The actress stars in the Scream season 2 finale tonight at 10 p.m.ET on MTV

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If distance makes the heart grow fonder, then technology is injecting that heart with steroids, according to Scream star Carlson Young.

“I don’t know if we could have made it in 1950, but we can definitely make it in 2016,” Young, 25, tells PEOPLE of using Skype and social media to stay in contact with her fiancé Isom Innis while she films Scream in New Orleans and he tours the globe with Foster the People.

“No matter what, we skype every day. That face-to-face communication makes all the difference,” says Young, who stars in the Scream season 2 finale tonight on MTV.

They’ve spent a lot of their three-year relationship apart, “but I wasn’t really working and he wasn’t on tour for the first six months we were dating,” says Young. “That created a great foundation. And we make sure we never spend more than two weeks away from each other.”

Now, as the couple balance work and planning their April 2017 wedding, Young is relying heavily on her mom and a wedding planner to do the major lifting.

“I enjoy planning from afar,” says Young. “I know my mom will make me kick into planning mode in the fall, but for now I’m enjoying the luxury of just making little Pinterest boards and chiming in with what I’m thinking. It’s been a ball.”

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Young says Innis, 28, has been fairly “accommodating” throughout the planning process. There appears to be just one point on contention for him: that they can’t get married sooner!

“He’s cute. He chimes in for random things,” she says. “But every time I ask for his opinion on something, he’s just, like, ‘That’s lovely. But why do we have to wait so long?’ He doesn’t understand that it takes a long time to plan a wedding.”

The couple had originally been planning a destination wedding to somewhere like Big Sur, California, “but my family has 100 people in it so we’re looking at a 400-person celebration. We quickly realized it had to be near Fort Worth, Texas, where I grew up,” says Young. “There’s just not enough places for people to stay if we have it somewhere like Big Sur.”

One thing is for certain, the wedding reception will have no shortage of live music.

Aide from Innis being a musician, “my dad is a musician, his dad is a musician and we have a lot of friends who are musicians,” says Young. “We have a growing list of people who want to perform at our wedding. This will just turn into a musical festival at some point.”

The season 2 finale of Scream airs tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.