The Red Devil replaced Norman Bates in the horror homage

Credit: Courtesy Jamie Lee Curtis

Like mother, like daughter.

Jamie Lee Curtis paid homage to original “scream queen” Janet Lee during Tuesday’s episode of Ryan Murphy’s slasher comedy.

As Wallace University’s scheming Dean Cathy Munsch, Curtis recreated Psycho‘s iconic shower scene … in a black-and-white, of course.

But instead of (SPOILER ALERT if you someone still haven’t watched Alfred Hitchcock‘s scary 1960 classic) being stabbed by Norman Bates masquerading as his dead mom, it’s the Red Devil lurking behind the dean’s curtain on Scream Queens.

Curtis, 56, recently opened up to PEOPLE about how, unlike her Hollywood royal parents Leigh and Tony Curtis, she doesn’t revel in the limelight.

“Given what their backgrounds were and how their rise to fame was so meteoric, that sort of thing was important to them,” she said. “When I’m out in the world, I don’t walk around like my father used to. He’d walk into a restaurant and preen and pose and say, ‘Hello, you fine people. I’m Tony.’ … That’s not me.”

Of course, Curtis is no horror novice: Her breakout role was Halloween‘s final girl Laurie Strode in 1978.

Scream Queens airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.