VIDEO: Emma Roberts Rules Her Sorority in New 'Scream Queens' Scenes

Ryan Murphy teases a "reign of terror" for a college sorority in his new Fox series


Secrets, horror, pledges getting hazed in their underwear and, oh, Nick Jonas – an inside look at Fox’s new series gives several reasons why Scream Queens is poised to be appointment television.

“These girls are kickass,” says series co-creator Ryan Murphy in the featurette, which was released Friday. “They’re not waiting for a boy to come in and rescue them, they’re the one’s doing the rescuing.”

Starring Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, KeKe Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis, the black-comedy horror show follows the ladies of Kappa Kappa Tao, who are determined to find out who’s behind a series of murders at their college.

Among the highlights, Abigail Breslin takes a stand against hunky BMOC Boone (Jonas), threatening, “I will come after you. Do you understand that?”

The highly anticipated series will also feature Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd (a.k.a. Carrie Fisher’s daughter), Saturday Night Live alum Nasim Pedrad and Nashville alum Oliver Hudson.

“What I like about it is that everybody has a motive to be behaving badly,” says Murphy.

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Scream Queens

premieres this fall on Fox.

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