October 24, 2016 07:32 PM

Last week’s announcement of the separation of Scottie and Larsa Pippen may seem like the norm in Hollywood, but in the small Ft. Lauderdale, Florida community that the family lives in, this news has rocked the world of many.

“They are and were a real working family,” says a source close to the Pippens. “He’s a good father she’s a good mother. I just hope they can bury the hatchet whatever it takes.”

While a reason for the split has yet to be determined, tension was definitely brewing between the couple according to reports that the Police “were called” to their house on two separate occasions.

As to those reports, the source simply says, “Larsa has a great life- Scottie has never been hard on her or mean to her, from what I know. He always kept himself where he should be…they are two really good people who are in pain.”

And while Larsa has become more visible in recent years, due much to her friendship with Kim Kardashian West, the source says that has nothing to do with the breakup.  “She and Kim have been friends for a long time. She’s not influenced by any of that.”

No matter what the cause of the split may be, one thing remains certain – those closest to the family are concerned first and foremost for the well being of the Pippens’ four children.

“The children are such great kids, good students. Those kids need to be protected,” says the friend, adding, “Scottie coached his kids, he’s a real dad, real family man, good dad. Does homework with those children. Larsa is a great mother as well.”

The couple’s inner circle isn’t ready to give up hope just yet, though.  “Right now it’s heated and angry, but … I just somehow wish they would put it back together because I do know they love each other,” says their friend.

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