Scandal returns to ABC this fall

Scandal‘s Scott Foley is already preparing for the last day of filming to be a very emotional one.

“I hope that it won’t be me, but I have a feeling I may be one of the most emotional people,” Foley, who plays Jake Ballard on the ABC series, tells PEOPLE Now about what he’ll be like on set when the cast says goodbye to the long-running drama.

And as the show approaches its seventh and final season this fall, Foley is reflecting on one of his most memorable moments on set.

“I think it was the beginning of season 3 or season 4,” he recalls. “Olivia and Jake were on an island together and Kerry [Washington] and I got to go down to the Bahamas — just the two of us and a small crew, no other cast members — and we spent two-and-a-half, three days shooting these amazing scenes in the Bahamas.”

Foley recalls of traveling in luxury to the paradise-set location,”Because Scandal was at the time really popular and we didn’t want the storyline to get out, Disney flew us on a private jet down there.”

He adds: “It was a really amazing experience and it’s something that I will never forget.”

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Speaking with PEOPLE in April, Foley revealed that the show has had a profound impact on him.

“It’s hard to put into words what the show had done for me,” he said. “I’ve never been a part of something that has really captured the zeitgeist like Scandal has, and to be an integral part of that, I’m extremely grateful, and I understand how fortunate I am and how rare an occurrence it is.”

“You forget that for every Friends, there’s a Joey. For every Friends, there’s 1,000 other comedies that never made it past a pilot, or 10 episodes, or 20 episodes, and to be a part of a drama that makes it to 100 is a big deal,” he shared.

Scandal returns to ABC this fall.