March 05, 2015 05:00 PM

Who wants belly rubs for life from Scott Eastwood?

In a new parody of The Bachelor (below), Eastwood, 28, is looking for love – the love of man’s best friend, that is.

“Only one will be chosen, and the rest will be taken back to the pound,” says comedian Joe Hartzler, the “Chris Harrison” of Funny or Die’s parody.

If you thought Chris Soules‘s women were emotional, it turns out these furry friends come with even more doggone drama: sloppy kisses, fights over who gets the bone and even a surprise guest visit from a cat.

“I’m just looking for a special dog who is willing to play, take naps, no drama and that won’t stare at me when I’m having sex – with a woman, of course,” says Eastwood.

That’s one lucky dog.

Scott Eastwood will soon be making hearts melt on the big screen in The Longest Ride, which hits theaters on April 10.

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