"Something has clicked in his head," a source tells PEOPLE of Scott Disick
Credit: x17

Is Scott Disick searching for a new bachelor pad?

Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex was spotted house-hunting with Million Dollar Listing‘s Josh Altman on Wednesday, according to x17 Online. Disick, 32, also shared Instagrams of lavish home interiors.

“Not bad living,” he captioned a shot of a dining room, adding of another photo, “Early morning motivation.”

Disick moved into a $3.5 million Beverly Hills home originally purchased as an investment property after splitting from Kardashian, 36, in July. But considering he regularly flips properties, his meeting with Altman doesn’t mean he’s cleaning house again.

Disick is also still getting outpatient treatment from Cliffside Malibu, the luxury rehab center he checked into last month.

“Something has clicked in his head. He’s in a very healthy place, and he’s being a lot more authentic than before,” a source tells PEOPLE of the father of three. “He used to give everyone what I call ‘rehab speak,’ where he was just repeating phrases that you know he heard in counseling somewhere. These days, he’s being a lot more clear in what he’s saying. He used to always talk about ‘taking responsibility,’ but now it seems like he’s actually taking responsibility by trying to spend time with his kids.”

Disick even shared an Instagram of a “boys day” outing with 5-year-old son Mason on Tuesday.

As for his relationship with Kardashian, 36?

“He’s also talking to Kourtney in a more productive manner. They are talking to each other, not past each other,” the source says. “Will he ultimately end up with her? I’m not sure about that. But at least they’re being healthy as they interact, which is a lot of progress.”