Scott Disick Showed Up in Chris Brown's New Video to Make a Bunch of Insensitive (Bad) Jokes

"I really can't f--- all these bitches without you," Scott Disick tells Chris Brown in the video


Well, this might explain Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick‘s frosty run-in earlier this week.

On Thursday, the music video for “Picture Me Rollin’,” a song from Chris Brown‘s new album Royalty, was released – and Disick, 32, made quite the cameo.

The video opens with Brown, 26, arguing with his girl in his car about that fact that he punched another guy for hitting on her.

Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex Disick then appears, standing in a parking lot with several scantily clad women sitting on the hoods of a few sports cars.

“Hey, it’s understandable on the f—ing Porsche, but off the Lambo, bitch, come on!” Disick yells at them. “Godd—.”

“Chris, yo, you gotta come over here,” he tells the singer over the phone. “I really can’t f— all these bitches without you. I can’t do this without you man, you gotta get over here to the house.’

The video, which additionally stars Khloé Kardashian‘s ex French Montana, features a second appearance from Disick towards the end in a scene in which he defends Brown after a man threatens him.

“Come on, what’s bracking man, come on!” he yells as the others shift around awkwardly.

“‘What’s bracking?’ Right? Is that right?” he says, turning to Brown and rapper A$AP Rocky for reassurance that he’s got the lingo right.

The release of the video comes just days after news that Kardashian has been involved an unexpected romance with Justin Bieber.

Kourtney, 36, and Bieber, 21, were reportedly "inseparable" and "touchy-feely" during a night out in West Hollywood last week, and a source told PEOPLE Wednesday the two are indeed "hooking up" and have been for several months, though the relationship isn’t serious.

While another source told PEOPLE the fling is a "huge ego boost" for Bieber, Disick is apparently struggling with the news.

“Of course it stings a bit that Kourt is hooking up with Bieber. But Scott also knows his place and that he doesn’t have the right to have a fit about it,” another source told PEOPLE. “He is convinced Kourt is doing it to hurt him. And she succeeded.”

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Disick and Kourtney split in June after nine years together, shortly after he was photographed cozying up to another woman on vacation.

On Tuesday, the father of three was spotted at a listening party for Brown’s new album at Hyde in Los Angeles. Kourtney’s younger sister Kendall, 20, was also there and gave him the cold shoulder, a source told PEOPLE.

“Kendall and Scott saw each other, but didn’t acknowledge one another,” the source said. “He walked right past her table and Kendall rolled her eyes.”

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