Kourtney Kardashian Says She 'Banned' Scott Disick from Family Trips After He Invited Girl Along

Kourtney Kardashian reveals why she is hesitant to invite her ex on family vacations in this Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Kourtney Kardashian does not want a repeat of Costa Rica circa 2017.

In an E! clip from the upcoming Sunday episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney spills the tea — while participating in a meditative tea ceremony with her sister Kim Kardashian West and mom Kris Jenner — about why her ex, Scott Disick, is no longer allowed to come on the famous Kardashian-Jenner family vacations.

“Do you remember Costa Rica?” she asks her mom, who mentioned that it would be “fun” if Disick joined them on this year’s family trip.

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

“We have decided to go to Bali for our family vacation,” Kourtney explains in the episode. “I think we’re going to do a lot of stuff like this tea ceremony, connect with yourself and breathe. Like sit in silence with your thoughts.”

The momager doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of the calming, spiritual activity — making jokes and faces at the camera throughout the ceremony. She then stirs the pot, mentioning Disick and him joining their vacay.

“Okay, but that is up to me,” Kourtney says to Kris, adding, “I haven’t invited Scott on the trip. I feel hesitant to invite him because after the last family trip he was on, he flew out a girl on the trip and I’m just not looking to have that again.”


She adds during the clip, “That was the last family trip and then I banned him.”

During their trip to Costa Rica, Disick came under fire for apparently flying out a random girl to join him, later justifying his actions by saying he was a “sex addict.” Kourtney took that incident rather well.

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“Scott’s so lucky, because I’m the coolest baby mama on the planet,” she said in the 2017 episode. “The stuff that he’s done and I still allow him to come on our trip?”

True to her word, in the same episode, the pair rehashed what happened in Costa Rica.

“Yeah. I mean, I don’t think I was in the best place but I feel like you and I also weren’t in the best place,” Disick says in a PEOPLE exclusive clip. “You were living your life the way you should be and I just wasn’t ready to handle it. I feel like the biggest thing that you and I have always talked about — that you wanted from me, if there was anything — was just to see me consistent with you and my family. It’s been over a year of consistency and I feel like we’re good. Our parenting’s been better, the kids are better.”

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