Scott Baio Claims 5 Polygraph Tests Prove He Did Not Assault Nicole Eggert

Scott Baio said the accusations that he molested Nicole Eggert for years have caused him and his family "unrelenting pain"

Scott Baio is going to great lengths to prove his innocence.

Baio addressed accusations of sexual assault made against him by his former Charles in Charge costar Nicole Eggert during a press conference in Los Angeles on Thursday, claiming he took five polygraph tests that prove otherwise.

“Nicole Eggert started a campaign to harm not just me, but my entire family, my friends, and anyone who opposes her,” said Baio. “She has done it by conspiring in an organized and endless campaign that has exceeded all boundaries of the way decent human beings behave toward each other.”

Baio said the accusations that he molested her for years have caused him and his family “unrelenting pain.”

“She calls me a rapist and a child molester almost daily to every audience she can find,” he continued. “Nicole Eggert started the harassment campaign months before she filed a false police report, in attempt t shame me before any evidence was examined. She has failed, and today we are sending out a message about her that very much hope everyone hears.”

In order to further prove his innocence, Baio said he took and passed five separate polygraph tests administered by two separate experts. According to his attorney Brian Glicklich, Baio was asked a series of questions including “Did you have any kind of sexual contact with Nicole Eggert before she turned 18 years old?” “Have you ever threatened Nicole Eggert that she needed to keep your (alleged) sexual contact with her a secret?”

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“He tested as being truthful when he answered ‘no’ to each of these questions. Again, five separate tests, two different examiners,” said Glicklich. “This eliminates any remaining doubt that Nicole Eggert’s claims about Scott Baio were false.”

The polygraph test also addressed accusations that Baio sexually harassed Alexander Polinsky. According to his attorney, he passed that portion of the test.

However, according to the American Psychological Association, “most psychologists and other scientists agree that there is little basis for the validity of polygraph tests,” and courts “have repeatedly rejected the use of polygraph evidence because of its inherent unreliability.”

Eggert, 46, alleged on Twitter in late January that Baio had molested her from the ages of 14 to 17. Generally, in California, prosecution of a sexual assault offense has to begin within 10 years of the alleged incident.

During her appearance on Megyn Kelly Today in late January, Eggert said the alleged sexual abuse “happened quite often” at Baio’s house from when she was 14 to 17 in the late 1980s — more than 10 times and about once a week, she claimed.

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Eggert also alleged that on the Charles in Charge set, “There was just a lot of groping, a lot of fondling, a lot of pulling me on his lap, trying to sneak kisses in the back, which a lot of cast members saw.”

“I don’t think they knew about the actual physical sexual abuse, but everybody knew the attention that he gave me,” she said.

Baio has repeatedly denied her claims, calling them “100 [percent] lies.”

In June, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to press charges against the 57-year-old. “The applicable statute of limitations to the crimes alleged by the victim have expired. Thus, the case is declined,” the DA noted in a charge evaluation sheet obtained by PEOPLE.

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During Thursday’s press conference, Glicklich also pointed out several alleged inconsistencies in Eggert’s claims, including changing ages, unreliable witnesses, falsified text messages and more.

“Despite five polygraphs showing Scott Baio’s truthfulness, despite a long list of inconsistencies in Nicole Eggert’s stories, despite multiple witness statements that undermine her story over and over again…Nicole Eggert won’t stop.”

Baio concluded by commending other women who have come forward in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

“Nicole Eggert’s falsehoods belong only to her,” he said. “For most women who report unwanted sexual advances or assault, it is the beginning of a healing process that I applaud and support. I do not want today to be misinterpreted as an indictment of anyone expect Nicole Eggert and her co-conspirators.”

Eggert denied harassing Baio on Wednesday after his attorney announced the press conference.

“Spoken by the person hired to harass me (google him) and whom I have a restraining order on,” she tweeted. “Are they aware I am ready to release the police file tomorrow right after their lame FB rant?”

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