'Schitt's Creek' : Why You Need to Watch Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara's New Comedy

Written by Levy's son Daniel, the hilarious new comedy premieres Wednesday on the new Pop network

Photo: Courtesy of Pop TV

Do you enjoy things that are gut-wrenchingly funny? Laughing out loud? Spit-takes? Then tune in to new comedy Schitt’s Creek, premiering Wednesday on cable’s Pop network (formerly TVGN) at 10 p.m.

This new single-cam comedy from Canada stars longtime comedic duo and friends Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy, as well as Levy’s son Daniel (co-creator of the show), hilarious newcomer Annie Murphy, and Chris Elliott. It’s a comedy-gold cast – and the first time O’Hara and Levy have ever starred on the small screen together. (Though of course, you’ve seen them act together in Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show.)

The premise is funny enough: The Roses are a super-loaded family (as in, mega-rich, very eccentric and spoiled) but lose everything they own thanks to a shady business manager. The only asset they have left is a tiny, backwater town called “Schitt’s Creek,” which Eugene Levy’s character bought for his son as a joke for his birthday one year. The Roses have to relocate to the town, live out of a dirty motel and deal with grimy real-world characters and situations, all of which are gross and beneath them.

Though the show is reminiscent of the unscripted, mockumentary movies like Best in Show, everything is actually brilliantly scripted.

“It’s all about the words,” Eugene Levy tells PEOPLE. “The show encompasses the kind of comedic sensibility that we all have. You want to make it credible the tone of these characters had to be incredibly real.”

Below, we’ve highlighted the best things about the show – and why you seriously don’t want to miss this one. Oh, and Elliott as redneck town mayor Roland Schitt, who often has to use the toilet? The perfect foe for the uptight Roses.

Daniel Levy
The younger Levy is hilarious as spoiled, trendy man-child David Rose. But it’s his facial expressions, his simple one-liners (“Where’s that weird man?”), his gift with physical comedy that might make him the best character on the show. Or not. It’s hard to choose just one. The endless fights he has with his equally spoiled, petulant sister Alexis are not only funny, but completely believable. Plus, he’s terribly cute.

Catherine O’Hara
Her turn as eccentric, rich housewife Moira Rose might be her finest character work ever – and she’s played some magnificent ones. She pulls off unfiltered-fancy-lady-in-a-podunk-town so well, it’s like you know her. Moira is completely over-the-top dramatic, sarcastic and enjoys wearing wigs and sometimes popping pills.

Eugene Levy
Levy’s character isn’t a bumbling oaf (like in Best in Show) or a super-nerd dad like in the American Pie franchise. As patriarch Johnny Rose, he’s a stronger, more confident, character who is trying to hold the family together and convince them it will be fine – but he totally loses it himself all the time. Still, the way Johnny loves and protects his crazy wife and useless grown children is as endearing as it is funny.

Annie Murphy
Where did this amazing character actress come from? (Hint: Canada!) The comedian, 27, plays the Rose family’s grown celebutante daughter Alexis – imagine how Paris Hilton would act like if she were suddenly dirt poor and surrounded by peasants. Murphy not only totally holds her own against O’Hara and the two Levys, she even occasionally steals the the scene. Keep watching as her character ends up crushing on a local bearded hippie. (Which is, like, totes gross, right?)

Schitt’s Creek premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Pop.

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