'Schitt's Creek' : Inside the Emotional Series Finale — and How the Show Said Farewell After 6 Seasons

The Dan and Eugene Levy co-created series first aired in 2015

Get out your hankies! After six seasons, Schitt’s Creek aired its wedding and the show’s finale — where Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) said farewell to their Schitt’s Creek life for good — all in one heartfelt half-hour.

On Tuesday night, the hit PopTV series, which was created by father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy and focused on a rich family who lost their money and had to move to a small town, wrapped on the exact same date — April 7 — that the very first episode aired five years ago.

After four seasons following the love story between Dan’s character David and his fiancée Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid), the couple finally got married. The finale opened with David waking up at the motel on his wedding day to his entire family (Alexis, Moira and Johnny) staring at him in concern while he slept.

Schitt’s Creek. Steve Wilkie/Pop TV

“What happened? Who died? Did Patrick die?!” David immediately asked, before he admonished his family for “startling him awake.”

“My mind immediately went to some unthinkable tragedy, like something really, really bad happened!” he said.

In fact, it wasn’t all roses. A massive storm had blown through — and the wedding, which was supposed to be in the yard of the family’s motel, was a complete sopping mess. Johnny told him the rain was so bad they were thinking of “possibly changing locations.”

“To where, Bob’s garage?” David shrieked. Moira assured him that Bob’s garage was also too wet for a wedding, while Alexis asked why he didn’t think to get a tent. David shouted that he wanted the wood-fired pizza oven and they “couldn’t afford both!”

To make matters worse, the officiant Fabian had canceled on account of the weather. Johnny offered to step in, but started tearing up at the mere thought of marrying off his boy. “You couldn’t even get through that without crying!” David said. Moira said she’d be happy to officiate — she did, after all, bring down the house at Pat Sajak’s first wedding: “I’d like to buy a VOW!”

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As David later freaked out in his apartment to Patrick over their destroyed wedding, Patrick tried to calm him down. “At the end of the day, I’m going to get to kiss that worried face and call you my husband,” he said. “And that’s the only thing that matters.” David was placated, but before he and Patrick shared a sweet smooch, he added, “I refuse to get married in Roland’s living room.” Patrick told him he’d arranged a massage for him to help him calm down further, before he set off to the motel to see how he could fix things.

Schitt’s Creek
Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara in Schitt's Creek. Pop Tv

Back at the motel, Moira was practicing her officiant speech, while Alexis was feeling emotional that their time living at the motel was coming to a close as Moira and David were leaving Schitt’s Creek — that she wouldn’t be able to just pop in to the room next door and “say hey” to her mom anymore. Alexis said a part of her felt like she was almost glad they lost the money, which made Moira emotional.

Back at the massage parlor, David was enjoying his rub-down from a handsome masseuse — who may have been handsier than he should be?

At the motel, all the Schitt’s Creek locals gathered and were trying to figure out ways to salvage the wedding. They decided the town hall would be the best venue — and it was available. When David heard this news, he was surprisingly calm, which Patrick was shocked by. David said he was feeling great — and explained that he had never received a happy ending during a massage before. “Excuse me?” a shocked Patrick said. David said he assumed Patrick had arranged for it. “Why would I want you to get a happy ending from a stranger on our wedding day?!” shouted Patrick. “All I did was leave an envelope full of cash and a note to take very good care of you!”

Schitt’s Creek
Schitt's Creek. Pop TV


Back at the town hall, everyone was working to get it set for the wedding. Johnny thanked everyone for helping out — and for helping their family out over the past few years since they’d moved to Schitt’s Creek. Roland simply reminded Johnny of his impending death.

David headed to the motel to get dressed for his big day, and saw Alexis was wearing a white silk dress that looked, um, exactly like a wedding dress. David flipped out again and said it looked like they were going to get married.

Wedding time. The town hall looked lovely — and the Jazz-a-Gals got up to sing an acapella version of “Precious Love” while Moira walked down the aisle dressed as a Roman Pope, and Johnny accompanied Stevie down the aisle.

Schitt's Creek
Pop TV

Alexis and David shared a moment before walking down the aisle. “For what it’s worth, I am continually impressed by you,” David told her. “Now can you please walk me down the aisle before people lose interest?” The Jazz-a-Gals then sang “Simply The Best” as Alexis walked David down the aisle. (“Is it me or do they look like husband and wife?” whispered Roland to Johnny, who shrugged and said, “Kind of.”)

Moira turned out not to be the best officiant — she couldn’t stop weeping during her over-the-top speech. Patrick started crying too as he told David, “You already know I would climb a thousand mountains for you. And you’ll always be. Part of me.” Then he busted out singing a song from David’s fave-ever singer, Mariah Carey. “And I’m part of you indefinitely. Boy don’t you know you can’t escape me. ‘Cause you’ll always be my baby.” David, crying, in turn told Patrick, “Patrick Brewer, you are my happy ending.”

Fast forward to the end of the show — the morning after the wedding. Alexis, David, Patrick and Stevie were standing around looking insanely hungover as Johnny and Moira prepared to get in their town car and leave Schitt’s Creek for good, since they were headed back to New York now that Moira’s returning to TV. They all hugged tearfully, and told each other they love one another. Johnny and Moira drove off. On their way out of town, Johnny told his driver to stop the car as he took one last look at the Welcome to Schitt’s Creek sign. He smiled, then said, “Driver? We’re ready.”

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