A staffer on the Bravo show was allegedly fired after admitting that she purposefully edited scenes to highlight embarrassing moments for Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay
Scheana Shay
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Scheana Shay is breaking her silence on the Vanderpump Rules editing scandal.

Earlier this month, editor Bri Dellinger claimed that she was fired from the show after admitting on the Twisted Plot podcast that she purposefully edited scenes to highlight embarrassing moments for Shay. (Bravo declined to comment.)

In a new interview on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Shay, 35, opened up about the situation, admitting she was "livid" when she heard about Dellinger's podcast interview, which has since been taken down.

"Normally, I would go straight to social media and rant about it," she said. "But thankfully, I have an amazing boyfriend who sees the bigger picture and doesn't have an emotional relationship with the show, just with me, and wants the best for me."

Shay said she's "so thankful" that her boyfriend Brock Davies stopped her from speaking out at the time.

"He was like, 'Why are you going to do that? What good is that going to do? You're just going to piss off more people. It's not going to change anything like, how about you just don't go to social media?'" she explained. "And I was like, 'No!' I was so frustrated. But then I was just like, calm down, smoke some weed, get in your rational brain. That is not going to do me any favors. That's just going to piss off people. And you're right. Like, you know, she said her piece, but I don't even need to comment on it because she literally spelled it all out."

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And Shay said there was a silver lining to Dellinger's remarks.

"I definitely felt, like, vindicated because, I'm like, 'Okay, I'm not crazy,'" she said. "I'm the first person to say, 'You know, if I said it, I said it. I did it.' This is what I signed up to do. But it was frustrating when there are so many scenes that I watched and I'm just like, 'Ugh, it wasn't like that.'"

"Also, I think just the audience seeing that ... I don't even need to say anything, because everyone sees it and everyone is saying it for me," she continued. "Everything this season, I think it's only going to work in my [favor], eventually. Because I think people now ... they're like, 'Wait, she's not this one-dimensional, desperate, clingy, annoying person. There is more to her.'"

"And I think that if there is a season 9, I'm hoping that you'll see more of that," she added. "Because I love my job, I love what I do, it's just frustrating when I don't feel that it's an accurate portrayal and it can affect other jobs."

Shay also addressed the scandal on Maria Menounos' Better Together series, saying she thinks she's "an easy target because I'm so nice."

"I think people mistake my kindness for weakness and just think it's okay to always walk all over me and make jokes and make fun of me, because I'm such a forgiving person," she said. "But with the way that I looked this season, I'm just like, who did I piss off? What did I do wrong? Because I just don't think I deserved to look this way. ... There is so much more to me."

"As much as I gave them that footage, obviously ... I gave so much else that you just didn't see. Freezing my eggs was a huge thing that I did twice last year, and I think you maybe saw less than five minutes of it," she said, adding, "It's just disappointing."

Of Dellinger's apparent firing, Shay said, "I mean, I feel like she broke her agreement that she signed up to do with the show. There are certain privacy type of things that you need to abide [by], and she didn't do that. She didn't follow the rules, and when you don't follow the rules, you get in trouble for it."

Still, Shay said "it's not all on" Dellinger.

"She can edit me however she wants, but she's not the final call," she said. "Someone still had approved this. Someone still said, 'Yeah, Bri, we think this is a great idea. Let's make Scheana look like she's hitting on a 14-year-old. This is hilarious.' Someone thought that was also a good idea, and it probably wasn't just someone, it was probably several people." (During one episode, the show made it look like Shay was flirting with costar Stassi Schroeder's little brother.)

As for her cast members? Shay said they knew she was getting the short end of the stick this season, but ultimately didn't do anything about it.

"It's not that nobody believed me. I think just, everyone else had it better that nobody cared," she said. "We tend to be in a group of very selfish people who, you know, they care about themselves and how they look and once that looks good ... [they say], 'I'm getting everything I want, so I don't care.'"

Season 7-8 cast
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On the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Shay also admitted to feeling "jealous" of Schroeder's persona on the show.

"I think I'm one of the few OGs left on this show, who, personal feelings aside, I know that this is a show about Lisa Vanderpump and her restaurants. And yes, our lives outside of it, but at the end of the day, the show is called Vanderpump Rules. The show is always going to be based at SUR," she said. "Maybe it spins off to other ones one day, but for now and this is the show and this is my job and I take my job seriously. So if that means that my job is to bridge the new cast with the old cast and to show up at SUR, you know, several times a week, then that's my job. And as bitter as I was, I was just like, well, this is my job. Stassi gets to be a celebrity on our show. That's her job. Am I jealous of that, too? Totally. I wish we were all treated evenly."

"She got to have her podcast, her clothing line, her New York Times bestseller book — she gets to literally live her real life on our show," Shay continued. "Whereas I'm not really a full-time waitress. Like, spoiler alert!"

Earlier this month, Dellinger said she was "out" of the Bravo show in an open letter that has since been deleted from the blog Reality TV Therapist

"To any cast members who wanted me out: I'm out!" she wrote, according to screenshots captured by fans and shared on Twitter. "But right behind me is another editor who does the same kind of work as me."

"And the nine other fantastic and highly skilled editors who also took part in creating this past season, and who will continue to do their jobs," she continued. "In addition to the network and higher executives who actually made the calls that you may or may not be happy with remain absolutely the same. In other words, you have not changed the system."

"To the critics who have made it their mission to get me fired: you succeeded in your short-sighted mission and solved nothing," she added, according to the fans' screen grabs. "I've been removed from the show I love and while it is a heart-break for me, because I genuinely loved editing this show, it will not ruin me professionally not will it change the editing of the show at all."

The Vanderpump Rules season 8 reunion airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.