"I'm so thankful they were all able to get out in time. It could've been so much worse," Scheana Marie said in a statement to PEOPLE on Friday

Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram; Inset: Getty

Scheana Marie‘s sister is safe after narrowly avoiding a fiery car explosion.

The Vanderpump Rules star’s younger sibling, Cortney van Olphen, was traveling back from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Justice Horden, on Thursday when his Jeep caught on fire and became engulfed in flames.

Both van Olphen and Horden documented the scary incident on social media, beginning when the black SUV was smoking to it eventually being fully on fire.

“That is my car on fire in the middle of the road on the highway,” Horden said in an Instagram Story video. “My car’s on fire!”

Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram
Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram
Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram
Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram

“Car has taken flame!” he continued. “What the heck?! No! No! Stop! Why are you on fire?” he yelled before it caught aflame.

Members of the fire and police departments made their way to the scene, and the fire was eventually put out, leaving only a charred shell of the car along the desert highway. “We got most of everything out,” he shared after the flames had been extinguished.

Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram
Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram
Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram
Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram
Credit: Cortney Erin/Instagram

“When I got the call from my mom, I freaked out, but knowing she was okay was the most important thing. I can’t imagine how scary that was to experience,” Marie, 32, said in a statement to PEOPLE on Friday. “I’m so thankful they were all able to get out in time. It could’ve been so much worse.”

Vanderpump’s mother, Erika van Olphen, also took to social media and thanked God that the young couple was safe following the terrifying incident.

“Cortney and Justice got out within minutes of his jeep becoming fully engulfed!” she tweeted Thursday in reply to Horden’s tweet, which included a video of the fire. “Thank God they’re ok!!”