The game involves lying to your partner about random objects cooked up by the Tonight Show props department

By Alex Heigl
Updated May 01, 2015 07:45 AM
Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty

Scarlett Johansson visited The Tonight Show as part of The Never-ending Avengers Press Tour, and played a very specific game with Jimmy Fallon called “Box of Lies.”

The game involves the pair trying to fake the other one out by lying about strange objects they’ve found in random boxes. (“Did Wiz Khalifa make that?” Johansson asks at one point.)

The game is Fallon’s usual mix of hyper-specific and deeply absurd, and it’s really fun watching Johansson try to fool Fallon while describing objects like “A Starbucks cup full of baked beans.” (Congratulations are in order to whichever creative or prop person came up with these objects.)

The Avengers opens in theaters this weekend.